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Easter Eggs

NOTE: Elm Street and other Newline Cinema discs have the "hidden" Newline logo as standard on their menu's and will not be added as this is not a hidden feature and the same applies to the Trailer sections on Universal Collector's edition discs.
Title: Studio: Region:
007 - Dr. No MGM / UA 1
007 - From Russia With Love MGM / UA 1
007 - Goldfinger MGM / UA 1
007 - Moonraker MGM / UA 1
007 - The Spy Who Loved Me MGM / UA 1
10th Kingdom Artisan / Hallmark 1
Abyss, the 20th Century Fox 1
Alien - 20th Ann.SE 20th Century Fox 1
Aliens 20th Century Fox 1
Alien 3 20th Century Fox 1
Alien Ressurrection 20th Century Fox 1
Almost Famous - Bootleg Cut Dreamworks 1,2?
American Pie Universal 1
Army of darkness - Director's Cut Anchor Bay 1
Austin Powers 2 New Line Cinema 1,2
Basic Instinct DC - Special Edition Artisan 1
Bedazzled 20th Century Fox 1
Big Trouble in little China 20th Century Fox 1
Boogie Nights SE New Line Cinema 1
Bride of Chucky - Child's Play 4 Universal 1
Bullitt Warner Bros 1,2
C.H.U.D. - 1
Charlie's Angels Columbia Tristar 1,2
Crimson Rivers Columbia Tristar 1,2?
Dark City New Line Cinema 1,2
Detroit Rock City New Line Cinema 1
Edward Scissorhands 20th Century Fox 1
Evil Dead - Book of the dead Anchor Bay 1
Fast and the furious Universal 1
Fight Club 20th Century Fox 1
Galaxy Quest Dreamworks 1
Gladiator Universal / Dreamworks 1
Gone in 60 Seconds - 1974 - 1
Hackers MGM / UA 1
Harry Potter Warner Bros 1,2
Highlander 4: Endgame Buena Vista 1
House on haunted hill Warner Bros 1
Independence Day SE 20th Century Fox 1
Kiss - Exposed Universal 0
Life Universal 1,2
Lost in space New Line Cinema 1
Magnolia New Line Cinema 1
Man on the Moon Universal 1
Mars Attacks Warner Bros 1,2
Matrix Warner Bros 1,2
Mortal Kombat 2 - Annihilation New Line Cinema 1
Mummy Universal 1,2
Mummy Returns Universal 1,2
Mystery Men Universal 1
Nightmare Encyclopedia New Line Cinema 1
Patton 20th Century Fox 1,2
Pearl Harbor - Director's Cut 4-DVD Buena Vista 1
Planet of the apes - 2001 20th Century Fox 1,2
Poison - Greatest Video Hits EMI 1
Queensryche - Live Evolution BMG 1,2
Queensryche - Operation LIVEcrime EMI 1,2
Ravenous 20th Century Fox 1
Rush Hour New Line Cinema 1,2?
Scarface Universal / Columbia TS. 1,2
Scary Movie Buena Vista 1
Shanghai Noon Buena Vista 1
Showgirls MGM 1
Simpsons Season 1 Box 20th Century Fox 1,2
Snatch Columbia Tristar 1,2
Spawn New Line Cinema 1
Star Wars 1 - The Phantom Menace 20th Century Fox 1,2
Stargate SG1 - Season 1 Volume 1 MGM 1
Starship Troopers Columbia Tristar 1
Terminator - Special Edition MGM 1,2
Terminator 2 - Ultimate Edition Artisan 1
Terror Firmer Troma 1
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Pioneer 1
The Beyond Anchor Bay 1
The Thing Universal 1,2
Three Kings Warner Bros 1
Tomb Raider Paramount 1,2
Total Recall SE Artisan 1
Tron - 20th Anniversary C.E. Disney 1
U.S. Marshals Warner Bros 1,2
Wild Wild West Warner Bros 1,2
Willow 20th Century Fox 1
Wing Commander 20th Century Fox 1
X-Men 20th Century Fox 1

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