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Hidden Features - Independence Day

Region 1 - 20th Century Fox

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment's 2-disc Special Edition of 'Independence Day' is hiding much more under the hood than may be obvious at first glimpse. The disc features an extensive Easter Egg, and what's even more exciting, another Easter Egg within the first one!
To get to these extensive hidden features, insert the second disc from the set and from the main menu, go to the 'Data Console.' Highlight the 'Main Menu' entry and then press the right arrow key on your remote control. This highlights the power LED on the computer and if you press 'Enter' now, you actually turn on the computer. Once turned on, a message appears briefly on the screen saying 'Access: 7-4-Enter.' You can see and hear that the spaceship in the background has been activated. Now go back to the main menu very quickly. The trick is to enter the spaceship while it is activated. In order to do that you need to enter the access code from the computer screen before the hovering space ship is deactivated after about 10 seconds. To enter the access code press the numbers 7 and 4 on your remote control, followed by the 'Enter' key. This will take you right inside the ship. However, on some players there's a little trick. If your remote control has a '+10' key, you will have hit this key 7 times and then hit 4, followed by 'Enter' in order to gain access. Some players don't even require you to hit the 'Enter' key and will immediately take you inside the ship, once you enter the numbers.
Once inside the spacecraft, you will have access to four more menu options. You can check out the very cool 'Sonic Separator' feature, which allows you to listen to different layers of audio that a movie is made of. On different audio tracks, the dialogue, the sound effects and the music of about 10 minutes from the movie have been isolated so you can listen to them individually. 'Combat Review' will randomly pick a combat scene from the movie so you can enjoy the bang and boom without having to go into the film, and 'Monitor Earth Broadcasts' is a feature that picks one of the fake newscast that were prepared for the movie at random and shows it to you. The versions shows here are quite lengthy and much more exhaustive than what actually appears in the movie, so make sure to check them out!
As mentioned above, there is another Easter Egg hidden inside this menu. The access code '7-4' stands for July 4, and since they movie also plays on July 2 and 3, entering '7-2-Enter' or '7-3-Enter' like dewscribed above, will give you access to menus where you can select and watch all of the 12 'Combat Review' segments directly, while the other gives you direct access to the 22 newscasts from the 'Monitor Earth Broadcasts' feature. This way you avoid the randomness of the feature and select exactly which one you want to view.
And finally, the DVD Credits can also be found in this menu, which is just an incredible addition to this DVD and with a running length of about another hour, one of the largest DVD Easter Egg we have come across so far.

Make Ship Float:

On the brand new Independance Day special 2 disk DVD, on the second disk, when you click on the computer where it takes you to all the trailers and TV spots, if you use your controls to move it to the power light on the computer and press it, the alien ship in the background starts floating in the air, and then if you go back to the main screen, you'll see it floating then the docking clamps lock it down again.

Get inside the ship:

After following the first step extit to the menu where the attack ship should be floating, then press the #'s 7 then 4 (independence day) on your remote and you will be transported inside the ship where a few features can be found. Such as disc credits, sound stuff, action scene highlights, and more...

Automatic start:

On ID4 when you first pop in disk one of the DVD select a version of the movie to play then wait. You will here the conversations of the president and the others talking about the countdown found in the satalites and what it means. Finally you will here Jeff Goldblum say "Times up" and the ship floating above the White House will fire its energy beam and blow it up (the White House). This will cause the DVD to start the movie automatically.


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