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Elm Street Elm Street 2 Elm Street 3 Elm Street 4 Elm Street 5
New Line Cinema New Line Cinema New Line Cinema New Line Cinema New Line Cinema
Elm Street 6 Elm Street 7 Elm Street Enc. The Abyss American Beauty
New Line Cinema New Line Cinema New Line Cinema 20th Century Fox Dreamworks
American Pie Austin Powers 2 Babylon 5 - ITB Blade Boogie Nights SE
Universal New Line Cinema Warner Bros New Line Cinema New Line Cinema
Bowfinger Deep Blue Sea Detroit Rock City End of Days Final Destination
Universal Warner Bros New Line Cinema Universal New Line Cinema
Ghostbusters Gladiator Harry Potter House on Haunted Hill Independence Day
Columbia Tristar Universal Warner Bros Warner Bros 20th Century Fox
Jurassic Park Lawrence of Arabia Life Magnolia Man on the Moon
Universal Columbia Tristar Universal New Line Cinema Universal
The Matrix Men in Black LE Mission Impossible 2 Mummy, The Mummy Returns
Warner Bros Columbia Tristar Paramount Universal Universal
Mystery Men Notting Hill Nutty Professor 2 Pearl Harbor Perfect Storm
Universal Universal Universal Buena Vista Warner Bros
Interactual Interactual Interactual
POTA 2001 Romeo Must Die Scary Movie Shrek Scorpion King
20th Century Fox Warner Bros Dimension Dreamworks Universal
Interactual Interactual Interactual
Space Cowboys Star Wars 1 Star Wars 2 Superman SE Swordfish
Warner Bros 20th Century Fox 20th Century Fox Warner Bros Warner Bros
Terminator, The Terminator 2 The bridge on the River Kwai Three Kings Wild Wild West
MGM / Orion Artisan Columbia Tristar Warner Bros Warner Bros
Metallica S&M
Warner Music

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