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Hidden Features - Easter Eggs - 10th Kingdom

Region 1 - Artisan

An additional hidden feature can be foud on Artisan Entertainment's 2-disc box set of the TV mini-series 'The 10th Kingdom' - if you know where to look.
The hidden feature in question is the '10th Kingdom' and it can be found on the set's first disc. Form the disc's main menu, select 'Kingdoms' and you will see a map that lists 9 kingdoms and asks you to 'Search for the Hidden 10th Kingdom'.
The cursor will be placed on the 1st Kingdom when you first start this section. Use your remote control to move the highlight left to the 3rd Kingdom and then up to the 4th Kingdom. Now, move right and the cursor will position itself on a small castle. Press 'Enter' here and you have found the 'Hidden 10th Kingdom,' as you can see from the text screen that will come up. But there's more. Once you've read the message, you can click 'Up' one more time to highlight the Magic Mirror. Selecting it reveals a short clip showing two of the characters entering the 10th Kingdom - but be warned that it may spoil the plot if you haven't watched the main feature yet!


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