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Hidden Features - Dark City

Region 1 - New Line Cinema

New Lineís Platinum Edition of 'Dark City' does not only contain a lot of supplements, it also contains some hidden features. There is a scene from 'Lost In Space' hidden in William Hurtís filmography page and in Kiefer Sutherlandís filmography, you can find a scene from 'Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me' in the star highlight.
There is also a game in the disc. To solve it, go to the 'to shell beach...' menu first. You need to find a bloody knife, which can be found in Kiefer Sutherlandís biography, accessible from the 'cast and crew' menu. Go back to the 'special features' menu and select 'neil gaiman on dark city'. The doctorís card is hidden on the first screen of his comments. Next we need a postcard. Enter 'the metropolis comparison' from the 'special features' menu, and pick the 'original weekly variety review' to find the shell beach postcard. Now go back to the 'cast and crew' menu, highlight Trevor Jones and press 'Enter'. On the tenth screen of his biography you will find the shell beach souvenir. Go back to the 'cast and crew' menu and select William Hurt for the clock, which can be found on the eighth screen of his biography. Finally, go to 'set designs' and skip through them until you see the syringe. Select it, then press 'Enter', and behold an interestingly, twisted animated sequence. Make sure you go through the steps in the correct order without errors, or you will have to restart the game completely new by re-inserting the disc or turning the player on and off to see this special feature.


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