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Hidden Features - Terminator SE

Region 1/2 - MGM

Hidden Behind The Scenes 

On Side A of the disk, go to languages, scroll down to French and go RIGHT. It will highlight a small box along the frame of the slide. Hit Enter and you can watch a small Behind The Scenes clip. 

On the movie disc side, if you select and play title track 2, a strange little string of stills will run along with audio commentry on how they had to replace the Hispanic boy at the end of the movie. 

On the Special Features side, if you select "DVD-ROM Features", you go to another blurb. At the bottom, by the "Main Menu" options, hit your arrow key up and the base little border square will turn green. Select OK and another string of stills will run with commentary on the HK's. 

On SIDE A got the the LANGUAGES then highlight FRANCAIS and hit RIGHT. A green dot will show up click on it. 

Similar to the feature on the Special Features side, on the movie side of the DVD, under special features, choose DVD ROM features. If you hit the right arrow from the bottom selection on a regular DVD player, it highlights the bottom square on the grid above the menu items and tells you a little about how Bill Paxton and friends were chosen for the punk scene (~10 seconds worth of material).


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