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Hidden Features - Wild Wild West

Region 1 and 2 - Warner Bros

Although Warner Home Video has stuffed quite a bit of content on their release of 'Wild Wild West', there even more than the eye meets at first. Many of the clips used in the DVD-ROM section of the disc can be directly accessed through the remote control of your player! You will have to directly jump to certain titles, so make sure to check out your player's manual, if you are unsure how to correctly address titles. Here is a list of titles with clips for your viewing pleasure.
Title 20-1 - Will Smith and the Mallet stunt
Title 21-1 - Bary and Will play fight
Title 22-1 - Actors goofing around on the set
Title 23-1 - Kevin Kline becomes Grant
Title 24-1 - Painting in the 'live' pictures
Title 25-1 - Elaborate sets
Title 26-1 - Magnet collars and flying blade scene
Title 27-1 - Will Smith's horse stunt
Title 28-1 - The Tarantula and CGI
Title 29-1 - The Bike-Plane, CGI, and concept art
As we pointed out, these are clips that are regularly played as part of the disc's DVD-ROM content.


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