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Hidden Features - Terminator 2

Region 1 - Artisan

Yep... there's a virtual third cut of T2 available on this DVD, thanks to the wonders of seamless branching. It gives you about 3 minutes of additional footage beyond the special edition cut - one additional scene of the T-1000 searching John's bedroom and the "Future Coda" alternate ending. Here's what you do. Play the disc one Side One. When you get to the main menu, select "Special Edition" - that will take you into the Special Edition sub menu. You'll notice the terminator on the left, with his left eye glowing red. Highlight the words "Play Special Edition," but don't start the film yet. Then, using the number pad on your DVD player's remote, enter the numbers 82997 (also known as Judgement Day in the film). This procedure may differ from player to player. For example, on my Sony 7700, I have to enter the numbers one at a time like this: 8, Enter, 2, Enter, 9, Enter, 9, Enter, 7, Enter. Each time another number is input, you'll see a new word appear on the small display on the right side of the picture. When you're done, they'll spell out "The Future Is Not Set". Once that happens, BOTH of the terminator's eyes will glow red, and you'll see a new selection appear above - "Play Extended Special Edition." Select that and you'll get to see the third, hidden cut. One last note - I suspect that many of you will have trouble getting this feature to work, due to the way different players handle remote input. So if you're really having a lot of trouble, here's a cheat to see the third cut without the code: start any version of the film, and while it's playing, use your remote's search function to switch to "Title 3" on the disc - that's the third cut (Title 1 is the theatrical version and Title 2 is the special edition). So there you go.

On side B of the Terminator 2 ultimate edition DVD, there are a few buttons hidden in the main menu. When you first start the DVD it takes u to a menu which displays the information programs, visual campaigns, and data hub. If you wait 30 seconds, random things will happen on the menu. One displays a button on the bottom left side of the menu that says join the resistance, which takes you to the same message on the CD-ROM button on side A. The other thing that happens is that it will show you the same button, but with a sound wave effect. This takes you to a Swelltone trailer. The other thing that happens is the the T-1000's head will appear in the middle of the screen and will say "Get out", and blend back in with the menu.

When you're trying to unlock the special version of T2, make sure you enter 8,2,9,9,7 individually. So you would press 8, then hold down enter until the roman numeral like character flashes yellow, and so on until all the characters flash yellow and the words: The Future Is Set, is there.

In trailer screen,youll find a small japanese flag,click on it to see T2 trailers in Japanese.


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