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1 - NTSC - USA

A Nightmare on Elm Street 6

Studio New Line Cinema Alt Title A Nightmare on Elm Street 6 - Freddy's Dead - The Final Nightmare
Distributed by New Line Cinema Director(s) Rachel Talalay
Running Time 96.mins Producer(s) Robert Shaye, Aron Warner
Prod. Year 1991 Composer(s) Brian May
Genre(s) Horror Writer(s) Rachel Talalay, Michael De Luca
Screen Format WideScreen 1:85:1 Anamorphic Prod.Design C.J. Strawn
Sound Format(s) DD 5.1 Sound -
Layer DVD-9 Actors Robert Englund, Yaphet Kotto, Lisa Zane, Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, Tom Arnold, Roseanne, Shon Greenblatt, Lezlie Deane
Case Type Snapper DVD Extras: Interactive Animated Menus, 3-D Freddy Vision with 2 pairs of 3D Glasses for use on the last 20.minutes of the movie. A non 3D version is also on the discCast and Crew Bios, Complete Screenplay, Rest of the extras on Disc 8
IMDB Rating 4.2 DVD-ROM PC Friendly, Trivia Game
Reviewed 13/10-99 MPAA Rating R
Released   UPC 94043478826
IMDB Link 0101917 Comments Added September-1999

2 Pair of 3D Glasses included for the last 20 mins of the movie.

Review 1 - 13/10-99


Freddy`s dead was ment to be the last nightmaremovie, but i`m glad Wes Craven made his New Nightmare. This movie explains a lot, and has got some really great scenes. You get to see the young teenaged Freddy, and meet his alcoholized psycho stepfather. ( Brilliantly portrayed by Alice Cooper. ) Freddy`s dead also reveils the true identity of the little girl on the bicycle. This time Freddy is after a young boy. He doesn`t remember where he`s from, but he knows that wherever it was, he was the last survivor. He is terryfied to fall asleep. The police mistakes him for a junkie, and drops him of at a nuthouse. Here he meets with some other kids, and a newspaperclip brings them to Springwood.
In Springwood they soon figure out that something weird is going on, because there are no kids. Freddy`s dead is one of the best in the series, because a lot of questions is beeing answered, and the story really works. The actors are doing a fine job, and the last 20 minutes in 3-D are great. This movie isn`t among the scariest, it is just cool and well made. Freddy`s dead is very entertaining, and i think the movie is very important for the series. The picture and sound is awesome and brings you right in there. Freddy`s dead gets a 6 on the scale.