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1 - NTSC - USA

The Mummy

Studio Universal Alt Title The Mummy - Collector's Edition
Distributed by Universal Director(s) Stephen Sommers
Running Time 125.mins Producer(s) James Jacks, Sean Daniel
Prod. Year 1999 Composer(s) Jerry Goldsmith
Genre(s) Action / Adventure Writer(s) Stephen Sommers
Screen Format WideScreen 2:35:1 Anamorphic Prod.Design Allan Cameron
Sound Format(s) DD 5.1 Sound Richard Burton, Chris Carpenter, Chris Munro
Layer DVD-9 Actors - Brendan Fraser
- Rachel Weisz
- John Hannah
- Arnold Vosloo
- Jonathan Hyde
- Kevin J. O'Connor
- Odded Fehr
Case Type Keep Case (Amaray) DVD Extras: - Cast and Crew Bios
- Original Theatrical Web Site
- 2 Theatrical Trailers
- Other Trailers
- Building a better Mummy (49.mins)
- Feature Commentary by Stephen Sommers and Bob Ducsay
- Visual and special Effects formation
- Egyptology 101
- Deleted Scenes
- Universal Showcase
- 2 Screensavers
- Interactive Mummy Game
- Electronic Postcards and the hidden Movie Soundtrack
IMDB Rating 6.8 DVD-ROM - PC Friendly
- The Mummy web page
- and lots more.
Reviewed 21/09-99 MPAA Rating 13
Released 28/09-99 UPC 2519206362
IMDB Link 0120616 Comments Added Sept. 1999

Review 1 - 21/9-1999

Death is only the beginning:

The Mummy is the new Indiana Jones movie and is the best Action Adventure since Indiana Jones 3 and Operation Condor 2 (Jackie Chan). ILM has really pushed themselves to make the best GFX/Animation on Screen yet besides SW-TPM. Stephen Sommers has written a wonderfull Story as always and is one my favourite Writer/Directors..:) He also made the movie Deep Rising which is also one hell of an Action / Horror Ride. Arnold Vosloo is great as the Mummy and are one of the coolest Baddies for a long time. Jerry Goldsmith has written a Great Soundtrack as always that matches the movie. There are beatiful Animated Menus on this DVD with it's own music and it also features lots of extras including Building A Better Mummy (Making-Of) that is 49.mins long! This DVD has some of the best Picture as i have ever seen and it also utilizes DD 5.1 (AC-3) very good. I almost can't wait for The Mummy 2 and Earth around 80 days from Stephen Sommers. He has already made several excellent movies and we will for sure get more from him..:))) I can highly recomend this DVD.


Review 2 - 24/09-99


Universal`s The Mummy is the best action/adventure movie since the Indiana Jones trilogy. The Mummy is an outstanding mix of superb storytelling, breathtaking visual effects and a large portion of humour. The atmosphere in the movie is very special, and thanks to the extreme good soundtrack, it sucks you right in.
The audio and picture on this disc is among the finest i`ve seen. It is a long time since i have seen a movie as entertaining as The Mummy. As a collectors edition, you get tons of extra material, and if you`re curious about old Egyptian customs or their Gods, you`ll find everything you want to know. This movie can easily be watched over and over again. The Mummy brings 125 minutes of magic right into your livingroom, so sit back, turn of the light, turn up the sound, and let Imhotep and his plagues embrace you. On the pointscale from 1-6. No doubt a 6.


Review 3 - 21/12-99

After 3000 years, who wouldn't be angry.

CartmanšIt's three thousand years ago and Imhotep have his hands all over the pharaohs mistress. When pharaoh discovers them, Imohtep kills him. Not a smart move and our friend is condemned to be eaten by bugs and mummified alive. Not a very nice way to spend eternity, I'm sure.

Then in the 1920's the spell is lifted and Imhotep is woken. He's pissed off, who wouldn't be?
That's the premise of The Mummy and it's a lot of fun. Sure you have seen it before, but who cares. Constant action, wonderful special effects and a few good one liners. Could you ask for more.

The only little quibble I have is that the characters might be a bit stereotype. You've got your clumsy and charming girl, the rugged soldier with a heart of gold, the poncy Englishman, the unreliable dego coward and the noble savage. The actors in this movie should have been given more to work on, there isn't a lack of talent here.

But, hey it's still a lot of fun. It might be the a great guys night out drinking beer movie.