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1 - NTSC - USA

Three Kings

Studio Warner Bros Alt Title Three Kings - Special Edition
Distributed by Warner Bros Director(s) David O. Russell
Running Time 115.mins Producer(s) Charles Roven
Prod. Year 1999 Composer(s) Carter Burwell
Genre(s) Action Writer(s) John Ridley, David O. Russell
Screen Format WideScreen 2:35:1 Anamorphic Prod.Design Catherine Hardwicke
Sound Format(s) DD 5.1 Sound Bruce Fortune, John Leveque
Layer DVD-9 Actors George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, Ice Cube, Spike Jonze, Nora Dunn, Jamie Kennedy, Mykelti Williamson, Cliff Curtis, Said Taghmaoui
Case Type Snapper DVD Extras: Behind-the-scenes documentaries, Filmmaker commentaries and creative personell interviews, Director's Video journal, An Intimate look inside the acting process of Ice Cube, Stills Gallery, Hidden Bunkers, Theatrical Trailer, TV spot, Production Notes.
IMDB Rating 7.8 DVD-ROM PC Friendly, Web Site and more.
Reviewed 1/8-2000 MPAA Rating R
Released 11/4-2000 UPC 8539178622
IMDB Link 0120188 Comments Added 13-April-2000

Review 1 - 1/8-2000

Are we shooting yet?

This was a much better movie than i had thought upfront. I thought George Clooney? C`mon give me a break!
But in this movie he isn`t so bad really. Three Kings is borrowing a lot from the classic Kelly`s Heroes, but it still stand out as a great movie. I loved the visual look of this film. The acting is great and you`re in for a joyride of entertainment. I still prefer Kelly`s Heroes over this one, but both movies are worth owning. Three Kings is loaded with special features
and has audio and video near perfection. This is a must have DVD, I recommend it to every moviefans. Three Kings gets a strong 5.