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1 - NTSC - USA

Hollow Man
Think you're alone ? Think again!

Studio Columbia Tristar Alt Title Hollow Man - Special Edition
Distributed by Columbia Tristar Director(s) Paul Verhoeven
Running Time 113.mins Producer(s) Douglas Wick, Alan Marshall
Prod. Year 2000 Composer(s) Jerry Goldsmith
Genre(s) Thriller, Sci-Fi Writer(s) Gary Scott Thompson, Andrew W. Marlove
Screen Format WideScreen 1:85:1 Anamorphic Prod.Design Allan Cameron
Sound Format(s) DD 5.1
DD 2.0
DD 2.0 FRE
COM 2.0
Sound Scott Heckers
Layer DVD-9 Actors - Kevin Bacon
- Elisabeth Shue
- Josh Brolin
- Kim Dickens
- Greg Grunberg
- Joey Slotnick
- Mary Randle
Case Type Keep Case (Amaray) DVD Extras: - Biological 3D Animated Menus 
- Commentary by Paul Verhoeven, Kevin Bacon, Andrew W. Warlowe
- Isolated Music Score with Jerry Goldsmith Commentary
- HBO Making-Of: Anathomy of a Thriller
- 3 Deleted scenes with Paul Verhoeven commentary
-- 1 Was it a dream ?
-- 2 Sebastian's Attack (More brutal rape scene)
-- 3 Sebastian on the prowl
- Fleshing Out the Hollow Man: 15 Behind-the-scenes featurettes
-- 1 Paul Verhoeven: Hollywood's mad scientist
-- 2 The Invisibility Formula
-- 3 The Musicle Man
-- 4 The Human Bubble
-- 5 Thermal Imaging
-- 6 The Smoke Guy
-- 7 The Gorilla Suit
-- 8 The Mask
-- 9 Flaming Sebastian
- 10 Elevator Finale
- 11 Ape Reversion Storyboards Comparison with commentary by Paul Verhoeven
- 12 The Underground Lab
- 13 Reversion Progressions with Scott AStokdyk Commentary
- 14 Invisibility Progresions with Scott E. Anderson Commentary
- 15 Digital Body Parts Montage
- VFX Picture in Picture Comparisons
-- 1 Kramer's Death
-- 2 Sprinkler Attack
-- 3 Sebastian's Demise
- Theatrical Teaser
- Theatrical Trailer
- Trailers (Final Fantasy, Starship Troopers and A Few Good Men)
- Talent Files
- Production Notes
- Scene Selections with Motion Images
IMDB Rating 5.6 DVD-ROM - Web Links
Reviewed 12/1-2001 MPAA Rating R
Released 2/1-2001 UPC 4339605072
IMDB Link 0164052 Comments Added 12-Jan-2001

Review 1 - 12/1-2001

There is more to fear than you can see!

Paul Verhoeven have done it again with this movie. He provoces Hollywood again with Hollow Man. He is good at it and that makes Paul Verhoeven so special and is my favourite director. Kevin Bacon becomes invisible in this movie in his own experiment. He did it because the government wanted to close the project because they couldn't get it 100% before the deadline. Kevin Bacon gets insane after awhile because he can't be visible again.This is the most realistic invisible movie ever because this is what most people would do when if got the chance to get invisible and that's a thing that the idiots in Hollywood can't understand. There is always a good reason to make the movies the way Paul Verhoen does and that's very cool, but most people misunderstand his movies and that suck.

This DVD is filled to the brim with extras and do probably have 1 of the 10 best DVD menus ever since it fits 100% into the movie. Menus very often doesen't match, but it is easy on a high-tech movie like this. This DVD release is a lexica for the movie Hollow Man like the Abyss DVD.