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Front Back Title Region

2 - PAL - Europe (NOR)

Sci-Fi Classics
50 Movies

Studio Misc Alt Title - SciFi Classics
Distributed by Mill Creek Director(s) Misc
Running Time 3941.mins Producer(s) Misc
Prod. Year 2005 Composer(s) Misc
Genre(s) Sci-Fi Writer(s) Misc
Screen Format Full Frame
Prod.Design Misc
Sound Format(s) DD 2.0 Sound Misc
Layer DVD-5

Actors - Brandon Lee
- Pia Zadora
- Robert Foxworth
Case Type Custom Box DVD Extras: Movies:

The Incredible Petrified World John Carradine
Laser Mission
Queen of the Amazons
Killers From Space
Robot Monster
Phantom From Space
She Gods of Shark Reef
White Pongo
The Amazing Transparent Man
The Snow Creature
The Atomic Brain
Son of Hercules: The Land of Darkness
Horrors of Spider Island
Devil of the Desert vs. Son of Hercules
The Wasp Woman
First Spaceship on Venus
Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet
Zontar, The Thing From Venus
Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women
The Astral Factor
King of Kong Island
The Galaxy Invader
Bride of the Gorilla
Battle of the Worlds
Attack of the Monsters
Unknown World
Gamera the Invincible
Blood Tide James
Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
The Brain Machine
Teenagers From Outer Space
The Wild Women of Wongo
Crash of the Moons
Prehistoric Women
Menace From Outer Space
They Came From Beyond Space
Hercules Against the Moonmen
Warning From Space
Hercules and the Captive Women
The Phantom Planet
Hercules and the Tyrants of Babylon
Planet Outlaws
Hercules Unchained
Colossus and the Amazon Queen
Lost Jungle
Mesa of Lost Women Jackie Coogan
Cosmos: War of the Planets
Assignment: Outer Space
Destroy All Planets
IMDB Rating Misc DVD-ROM None
Reviewed   MPAA Rating Unrated
Released 2004 UPC 2683107005
IMDB Link Misc Comments Added 25-Aug-2005

Review 1