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1 - NTSC - USA

Lake Placid

Studio 20th Century Fox Alt Title Lake Placid
Distributed by 20th Century Fox Director(s) Steve Miner
Running Time 82.mins Producer(s) David E. Kelley, Michael Pressman
Prod. Year 1999 Composer(s) John Ottoman
Genre(s) Thriller, Comedy Writer(s) David E. Kelley
Screen Format WideScreen 2:35:1 Prod.Design John Willett
Sound Format(s) DD 5.1 Sound Frank E. Eulner
Layer DVD-5 Actors JBill Pullman, Bridget Fonda, Oliver Platt, Brendan Gleeson, Betty White
Case Type Keep Case (Amaray) DVD Extras: Featurette - Making Of, 3 TV Spots, Theatrical Trailer, Cast & Crew Bios
IMDB Rating 5.4 DVD-ROM None
Reviewed 22/3-2000 MPAA Rating R
Released 11/1-2000 UPC 2454300002
IMDB Link 0139414 Comments Added 19-Mar-2000

Review 1 - 22/3-00

It`s just a crocodile!

Welcome to Maine and Lake Placid. This silence lake in the middle of nowhere has had it`s beaverpopulation redused lately. Other animals nearby the lake has also been redused. This has nothing to do with dumping of chemicals, but a new inhabitant. A prehistoric 30 feet Crocodile has moved in. I`m no fan of monstermovies and movies with mutated animals and such, but this is either kind. Lake Placid is a nonserious movie with a large portion of humor. The crocodile is well done and the movie is entertaining. You don`t get hung up in minor mistakes in movies like this, because the entertainingvalue is all that counts. Lake Placid has some funny characters and a fast killingmachine of a crocodile. This movie is made to entertain and not to win any awards, and I had a good time watching it. The picture is not anamorphic which is a shame, but the sound is great. It also has some exstras but isn`t excactly loaded. Lake Placid gets a 4.