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2 - PAL - Europe (NOR)

Austin Powers 2 - Spionen som spermet meg

Studio New Line Cinema Alt Title Austin Powers 2 - The Spy Who Shagged Me - Platinum Edition
Distributed by SF Norge Director(s) Jay Roach
Running Time 96.mins Producer(s) John Lyons, Mike Myers
Prod. Year 1999 Composer(s) George S. Clinton
Genre(s) Comedy Writer(s) Mike Myers
Screen Format WideScreen 2:35:1 Anamorphic Prod.Design Rusty Smith
Sound Format(s) DD EX 6.1 Sound Joe Barnett, Ken McLauglin, Robert Getty
Layer DVD-9 Actors Mike Myers, Heather Graham, Michael York, Rob Love, Robert Wagner, Seth Green, Elizabeth Hurley. CAMEO'S: Tim Robbins, Woody Harrelson
Case Type Keep Case DVD Extras: 20. minutes of 19 deleted scenes. Commentary by Mike Myers, Jay Roach, Michael McCullers, Behind the scenes documentary, Dr. Evil's Special Features page: Jump to the Dr. Evil song, Comedy Central's Canned Ham, The Dr. Evil Story, 3 Music Videos, Four Theatrical Trailers including one from Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. DVD: The Whole Austin Powers Web Site and much more!
IMDB Rating 6.7 DVD-ROM PC Friendly and more!
Reviewed 22/11-99 MPAA Rating PG
Released - UPC 036988000001
IMDB Link 0145660 Comments Added 04-July-2000

Review 1 - 22/11-99


The worlds coolest secret agent and swinger Austin Powers is back. In The Spy Who Shagged Me, the infamous Dr.Evil once again has developed a plan to stop his nemesis A.P. and take over the world. This time he is travelling back to 1969 to steal Austin`s mojo. This movie is far out cooler than the first one. This time we know the characters, and that leaves more room for them to take off with that brilliant Mike Myers` humour. Mike Myers is playing a new character this time. A scottish hitman by the name of Fat Bastard, who weighs a ton. If I didn`t know that this was Mike Myers, I would never have guessed it. We also meet the hysteriously funny Mini Me, Dr.Evils clone, and Rob Lowe as the young nr.Two. Heather Graham is Felicity Shagwell, the female version of Austin Powers. This movie also has a lot of cameos by well known people. The Spy Who Shagged Me is one funny ride from the beginning to the end. As for the extras on this DVD, it comes in tons. This is one great looking and sounding DVD. It`s very Shagadelic. As for the points, it can`t be less than a full score - 6. Oh Behave, - Baby!