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Nintendo Switch

Physical Retail Physical Retail Physical
Aces of the Luftwaffe - EE Asterix & Obelix XXL 2 Astral Chain Bayonetta 3 Diablo III
Fitness Boxing Fitness Boxing 2 Flåklypa GP Hyrule Warriors - Age of Calamity
L.A. Noire Luigi's Mansion 3 Mario Kart Live Mario Party Superstars Mario + Rabbids - Sparks of Hope
Metroid Dread Paper Mario - The Origami King Pikmin 4 Ring Fit Adventure Splatoon 3
Super Mario Maker 2 Super Mario Odyssey Super Monkeyball Banana Mania Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tetris 99
Zelda - Breath of the Wild Zelda - Link's Awakening Zelda - Skyward Sword HD Zelda - Tears of the Kingdom Toki
Wolfenstein Youngblood WWE 2K18 Xenoblade Chronicles - Definitive Edition Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Physical Retail Physical Retail Physical
Retail Digital Retail Digital Retail
All-Star Fruit Racing Bulletstorm - Duke of Switch Edition Burnout Paradise Remastered Call of Juarez Gunslinger Crash Dummy
Crayola Scoot Cruis'n Blast
Cuphead Dragon's Lair Trilogy Duke Nuke'm 3D World Tour - A.E. Fast RMX Fire Emblem Warriors
Flashback Flipping Death Gear Club Unlimited Giana Sisters - Twisted Dreams Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
Mario Rabbids Kingdom - Gold Edition Max - The Curse of Brotherhood Metro Last Light Redux Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom Namco Museum Arcade Pac
Nintendo Switch Sports Puyo Puyo Tetris Rayman Legends D.E. Rayman Resident Evil Revelations 2 Red Faction Guerrilla  Re-Mars-Tered
Runner 3 Saints Row 4I Shmup Collection
Sid Meier's Civilization VI Sine Mora EX Snake Pass Snow Bros Special Splatoon 2
Star Wars Pinball Steamworld Dig 2 Super Bomberman R Trials Rising Trine Ultimate Collection
Unbox: Newbie's Adventure Valfaris MK 8 - Booster Corse Pack
Eshop Eshop Eshop Eshop Eshop
12 Is Better Than 6 99 Vidas - Definitive Edition Agent A - A Pizzle in Disguise
Akane Akuto Shutdown Animal Rivals Arcade Classic Collection Bastion
Battery Jam Battle Group 2 Battle Planet - Judgement Day Bit Trip Runner BlazeRush
Bloodroots Boom Ball - Boost Edition Brawl Broforce Forever Bubble Cats Rescue
Bulb Boy Bury Me, My Love Car Mechanic Simulator Castle of Heart Castlevania Anniversary Collection
Castlestorm D.E. Chicken Assassin Reloaded Coffee Crisis Coloring Book Contra Anniversary Collection
Crash Dummy Crypt of the Necrodancer N.S.E. Danmaku Ultimate 3 Darkest Hunters Dex
Doughlings Doodle God - Crime City Doodle God - Evolution Doodle God - 3volution Doom
Doom 2 Doom 64 Doom 3 Dustoff Heli Rescue 2 Dyna Bomb
Dynamite Fishing - World Games Eqqo Escape Doodland Fin and the Ancient Mystery Frederic - The Resurrection of Music
Frederic 2 - Evil Strikes Back Freecell Solitaire Friday 13th Killer Puzzle Geki-Yaba Runner - Anniversary Edition Glaive Brick Breaker
Glass Masquerade Double Pack Godly Corp Gods Remastered Goetia Gravity Rider Zero
Grim Fandango Remastered Gunhouse Heroki Hexagravity Horace
Horizon Shift '81 House of Golf Hyper Sentinel In Between
Infini Infinite Minigolf Inside It's Raining Fists and Metal James Pond - Operation Robocod
Jet Kave Adventure Johnny Turbo's Arcacde - Bad Dudes Johnny Turbo's Arcacde - Joe & Mac Johnny Turbo's Arcacde - Sly Spy Jotun - Valhalla Edition
Journey of the Broken Circle Jump Rope Challenge Jumping Joe and Friends Klondike Solitaire Knowledge Trainer
Koloro Lydia Mad Age & This Guy Mana Spark Manticore - Galaxy on Fire
Mark of the Ninja - Remastered Marooners McPixel 3
Mekorama Miles & Kilo Mini Trains Minigolf Adventure Modern Tales - Age of Invention
Monument Builders Rushmore Moto Rush GP Mr. Driller Drilland Mutant Mudds Collection MX Nitro Unleashed
NeonWall Night Trap - 25th Anniversary Edition Not Not - A Brain Buster Nubarron - TAOAUG Old School Racer 2
One Strike Overlanders Overdriven Reloaded Pawarumi
Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder Devastated Path of Sin - Greed Persian Nights - Sands of Wonders Pixeljunk Monsters 2 Pocket Mini Golf
Polyroll Puyo Puyo Champions Puzzle Book Q-Yo Blaster Quest for the Golden Duck
RaceDieRun Raging Justice Red Siren - Space Defense REKT! High Octane Stunts Riptide GP Renegade
RIVE U.E. Robonauts Rock of Ages 2 Rogue Aces Rogue Trooper Redux
Run the Fan Scalextric Serial Cleaner Ships Sky Force Reloaded
Slain - Back from Hell Snowboarding - The Next Phase Soul Searching Space Pioneer Sparkle 2
Sparkle 3 Genesis Spelunker HD Deluxe Spider Solitaire Star Wars - Jedi Knight 2 - Outcast Steamworld Heist U.E.
Street Basketball Street Basketball
Super Blackjack Battle 2 Turbo Edition Super Chariot Super Putty Squad Super Sportmatchen Super Treasure Arena
Sweet Witches Swords & Soldiers Technosphere Reload The Bridge The Card
The Takeover The Videokid The Wardrobe - EBE Tiny Hands Adventures Toki Tori 2+
Tower Climb Tower of Babel Tower of Babel - No Mercy Toy Stunt Bike Transcipted
Trine - Enchanded Edition Trine 2 - The Complete Story Trine 3 Trine 4 Tumblestone
Ultracore Ultrawings Uni Uno Urban Trial Playground
Urban Trial Tricky Vasara Collection Vektor Wars War Theatre Warp Shift
Way of the Passive Fist When Ski Lifts Go Wrong World of Solitaire Wreckin' Ball Adventure Wunderling
X-Morph complete Collection Yoku's Island Express Zen Chess Collection Zombie Driver - Immortal Edition Zombillie
Physical Retail Physical Retail Physical
Infinite Minigolf - Hangar 37 Infinite Minigolf - Tortuga MRKB - Donkey Kong Adventure
MRKB - Pixel Pack MRKB - Ultra Challenge Pack Pinball FX3 - Aliens vs Pinball Pinball FX3 - Carnivals & Legends Pinball FX3 - Bethesda
Pinball FX3 - Core Collection Pinball FX3 - Iron & Steel Pack Pinball FX3 - Medieval Pack  Pinball FX3 - Zen Classics Pixeljunk Monsters 2 - Dangaron Pack
Pixeljunk Monsters 2 - Encore Pack  Stern Pinball - Starship Troopers  Smash Bros - Banjo & Kazooie Smash Bros - Bomberman Smash Bros - Cuphead
Smash Bros - Doom Slayer Smash Bros - Piranha Plant X-Morph - European Assault X-Morph - Last Battalion X-Morph - Survival of the Fittest
Zaccaria Pinball - Retro Pack

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