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B - Europe (UK)

The Nightmare Before Christmas
Tim Burton's classic returns in 3-D so real, it's scary.

Studio Disney Alt Title - Tim Burton's - The Nightmare before Christmas
Distributed by Disney Director(s) Henry Selick
Running Time 76.mins Producer(s) Tim Burton, Denise Di Novi, Danny Elfman
Prod. Year 1993 Composer(s) Danny Elfman
Genre(s) Animation Writer(s) Tim Burton, Michael McDowell
Screen Format 1080p
Widescreen 2:40:1
Prod.Design Tim Burton, Denise Di Novi
Sound Format(s) Dolby TrueHD 7.1
DTS-HR 5.1
PCM 7.1
Sound Richard L. Anderson, Shawn Murphy
Disks 2 DL Actors - Danny Elfman
- Chris Sarandon
- Paul Reubens
- Catherine O'Hara
- William Hickey
Case Type Keep Case Disc Extras: Disc 1:

- The movie in 3D

Disc 2:

- The movie in 2D

- Audio Commentary by Producer Tim Burton, Director Henry Selick and composer Danny Elfman
- Introduction by Tim Burton (HD, 0:18)
- What's This? Jack's Haunted Mansion Holiday Tour
-On Track (with optional Trivia Track) (HD, 7:14)
-Off Track (HD, 37:25)
- Tim Burton's Original Poem Narrated by Christopher Lee (with introduction by Tim Burton) (HD, 11:37)
- “Frankenweenie” Short Film (SD, 30:05) with all new intro by Tim Burton (HD, 0:33)
- “Vincent” Short Film (SD, 5:55)

Deleted Storyboards (with introductions by director Henry Selick) (SD):
-"Behemoth Singing" (0:53)
-"Oogie Boogie with Dancing Bugs" (0:38)
-"Alternate Identity of Oogie Boogie" (1:23)

Deleted Animated Sequences (with introductions by director Henry Selick) (SD):
-"Jack's Scientific Experiments" (2:03)
-"Vampire Hocky Players" (0:18)
-"Lock, Shock and Barrel" (2:17)
-"Oogie Boogie Shadow Dance" (0:26)

- “The Making of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas” featurette (SD, 24:44)

The Worlds of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas:
-Halloween Town:
--Jack Skellington:
---Character Designs (22 images)
---Animation Tests (with audio commentary by director Henry Selick (SD, 2:07)
---Jack's Tower Concept Art (11 images)
---Character Designs (15 images)
---Animation Tests (with audio commentary by director Henry Selick) (SD, 0:26)
---Sally's Bedroom and Kitchen Concept Art (11 images)
--Oogie Boogie:
---Character Designs (5 images)
---Oogie's Lair Concept Art (23 images)
--Evil Scientist and Igor:
---Character Designs (23 images)
---The Laboratory Concept Art (14 images)
--Lock, Shock and Barrel:
---Character Designs (10 images)
---The Treehouse Concept Art (15 images)
--The Citizens:
---Character Designs (120 images)
---Zero Animation Tests (with audio commentary by director Henry Selick) (SD, 0:51)
---Halloween Town Concept Art (88 images)
-Christmas Town:
--Santa Claus Character Designs (7 images)
--Santa's Helpers Character Designs (9 images)
--Concept Art (47 images)
-The Real World:
--Character Designs (17 images)
--Concept Art (47 images)

- Storyboard to Film Comparison (3:47)

Posters and Trailers:
-Posters (5 images)
-Teaser Trailer (1:43)
-Theatrical Trailer (1:26)
IMDB Rating 8.0 Internet extras None
Reviewed - Age Rating PG
Released 2011 EAN Code 8717418325664
IMDB Link 0107688 Comments Added 16-Jan-2013

2 Discs


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