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B - Europe (NOR)

National Treasure
The greatest adventure history has ever revealed.

Studio Disney Alt Title - National Treasure - Collector's Edition
Distributed by Disney Director(s) Jon Turteltaub
Running Time 130.mins Producer(s) Jerry Bruckheimer, Jon Turteltaub
Prod. Year 2004 Composer(s) Trevor Rabin
Genre(s) Action Writer(s) Jim Kouf, Oren Aviv, Charles Segars, Cormac Wibberley, Marianne Wibberley
Screen Format 1080p
Widescreen 2:35:1
Prod.Design Norris Spencer
Sound Format(s) DTS-HD MA 5.1
DD TrueHD 5.1
Sound George Watters II
Disks 1 DL Actors - Nicolas Cage
- Diane Kruger
- Justin Bartha
- Sean Bean
- Jon Voight
- Harvey Keitel
- Christopher Plummer
Case Type Keep Case Disc Extras: - Audio commentary with director/co-producer Jon Turteltaub and actor Justin Bartha.

Start-up trailers
– Disney Magic (0:52)
– Disney Blu-ray (1:50)
– The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (2:26)

7 deleted scenes with optional audio commentary by director Jon Turteltaub (16:02)
– Introduction by director Jon Turteltaub (0:44)
– Thomas and the President (1:45)
– Extended Shaft Sequence (6:02)
– Reviewing the Plan (1:51)
– Extended Scene: Ian Breaks Silence (2:01)
– Sadusky Takes Charge (1:11)
– An Unexpected Detour (0:45)
– Lighting the Path (1:41)

Opening scene animatic with optional commentary with the director
– Introduction by director Jon Turteltaub (0:26)
– Animatic (2:23)

Alternate ending with optional commentary with the director
– Introduction by director Jon Turteltaub (0:47)
– Alternate ending (1:03)

“Ciphers, Codes and Codebreakers” featurette (11:55)
“Exploding Charlotte” featurette (6:35)
“To Steal a National Treasure” featurette (5:46)
“On the Set of American History” featurette (6:16)
"National Treasure: On Location" featurette (11:20)
"Treasure Hunters Revealed" featurette (8:36)
"The Templar Knights" featurette (5:00)

High Definition Exclusive Bonus features:
- "Mission History: Inside the Declaration of Independence" BD-Java interactive game (in 1080i) 
- Trivia track.

IMDB Rating 6.8 Internet extras None
Reviewed - Age Rating 11
Released - EAN Code 8717418138165
IMDB Link tt0368891 Comments Added 21-Apr-2010


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