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B - Europe (UK)

Scary Movie 4
They're coming. We need your support.

Studio Dimension Alt Title - Scary Movie 4
Distributed by Miramax Director(s) David Zucker
Running Time 86.mins Producer(s) Craig Mazin, Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein, Robert K. Weiss
Prod. Year 2006 Composer(s) James L. Venable
Genre(s) Comedy Writer(s) Craig Mazin, Jim Abrahams, Pat Proft
Screen Format 1080p
Widescreen 1:85:1
Prod.Design Holger Gross
Sound Format(s) DD 5.1
PCM 5.1
DTS 5.1
Sound Hamilton Sterling
Disks 1 DL Actors - Anna Faris
- Regina Hall
- Craig Bierko
- Bill Pullman
- Anthony Anderson
- Leslie Nielsen
- Michael Madsen
- Chris Elliott
- Carmen Electra
- Shaquille O'Neal
- James Earl Jones
- Charlie Sheen
Case Type Keep Case Disc Extras: Deleted & Extended Scenes: (Optional ommentary with director David Zucker, producer Robert K. Weiss and writer/producer Craig Mazin / 'Play All' option)
- Tom Ryan's Alternate Crane Screw Up
- Cindy's New Job Interview
- Cindy Vs. The Sweater
- The Horse Needs A New Solenoid
- Attack Of The Earbuds
- Tom Tries To Get The Crowd's Attention
- A New Good-Bye For Tom And Cindy
- The New Meeting Of Cindy And Brenda
- The President Destroys Some American History
- Cindy And Brenda Scale The Wall
- "Kill The Moran"
- Henry's Toys
- Chingy And The VIP "Room"
- Saying Good-Bye To The Ghosts
- Brenda And The H-500

- Bloopers

- The Man Behind The Laugh: Director David Zucker
- Zany Spoof Humor-Zucker Style
- The Visual Effects Of Scary Movie 4
- Rappers… Actors
- Improvisation of Craig Bierko
- The Scary Truth: A Conversation with the Filmmakers
- The Cast
IMDB Rating 5.1 Internet extras None
Reviewed   Age Rating 15
Released - EAN Code 8717418119430
IMDB Link tt0362120 Comments Added 24-July-2009


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