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A,B - Europe (NOR)

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Evil shall with evil be expelled

Studio Columbia Pictures Alt Title - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - 2-Disc
Distributed by Sony Director(s) David Fincher
Running Time 158.mins Producer(s) Cean Chaffin, Scott Rudin, Søren Stærmose, Ole Søndberg
Prod. Year 2011 Composer(s) Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross
Genre(s) Thriller Writer(s) Steven Zaillian, Stieg Larsson
Screen Format 1080p
Widescreen 2:40:1
Prod.Design Donald Graham Burt
Sound Format(s) DTS-HD 5.1 MA Sound Ren Klyce
Disks 1 DL Actors - Daniel Craig
- Rooney Mara
- Christopher Plummer
- Stellan Skarsgård
- Steven Berkoff
- Robin Wright
Case Type Digi Pack Disc Extras: - Commentary by Director David Fincher
- Hard Copy- Commentary with Director David Prior
- Dig deep inside the Vanger Archives with over 4 hours of immersive benhind-the-scenes footage including Interviews, Rehearsals, Screen Tests and more

Vangar Archives:
- Men Who Hate Women
- Characters
- Salander, Lisbeth - Casting Salander, Different in Every Way, The Look of Salander, Mara/Fincher, Irene Nesser, Salander Test Footage
- Blomkvist, Mikael - Casting Blomkvist, Daniel Craig on Film Acting, Dressing Blomkvist, Investigation (stills) photogallery
- Vanger, Martin - Stellan Skarsgård on Film Acting, Psychopathy, Bondage, Torture, Wrapped In Plastic, Set Design(stills)
- On Location
- Sweden - Stockholm Syndrome, Stockholms Tunnelbana, Fuck These People, The End, Picture Wrap
- Hollywood - Casting Armansky, Armansky Audition, Thinking Evil Shit, Rape/Revenge, Int. Blomkvist's
- Cottage, Int. Martin's House, Int. Salander's Apartment
- Post Production
- In The Cutting Room
- Main Titles (Multi-Angle) With Commentary by Tim Miller of BLUR Studio
- Visual Effects Montage
- Promotion - Theatrical trailers, TV spots, one sheet
IMDB Rating 7.9 Internet extras None
Reviewed - Age Rating 15
Released - EAN Code 5051161292273
IMDB Link tt1568346 Comments Added 1-Mar-2013


Review 1