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Front Back Title Region

RF - Europe (UK)

Role Models - Unrated
Danny and Wheeler were just sentenced to 150 hours mentoring kids. Worst idea ever.

Studio Universal Alt Title - Role Models - Unrated
Distributed by Universal Director(s) David Wain
Running Time 102.mins Producer(s) Luke Greenfield, Dan Kolsrud, Mary Parent, Scott Stuber
Prod. Year 2008 Composer(s) Craig Wedren
Genre(s) Comedy Writer(s) Timothy Dowling, W. Blake Herron, Paul Rudd, David Wain, Ken Marino
Screen Format 1080p
Widescreen 1:85:1
Prod.Design Stephen J. Lineweaver
Sound Format(s) DTS-HD 5.1 MA Sound Andrew DeCristofaro
Disks 1 DL Actors - Seann William Scott
- Paul Rudd
- Christopher Mintz-Plasse
- Bobb'e J. Thompson
- Elizabeth Banks
- Jane Lynch
- Ken Jeong
Case Type Keep Case Disc Extras: - Audio commentary

Deleted and alternate scenes (49:49):
- "The Night Before"
- "Dick Knocker"
- "In the Minotaur Mobile"
- "T-Shirt Gun"
- "Taste the Beast"
- "Gotta Pee"
- "Gimme Some Free Shit"
- "Wheeler Loves His Job"
- "Coffee Shop"
- "Security Guard"
- "Jail"
- "The Getting-to-Know-You Ball"
- "Buddha on TV"
- "Chip Monk Charlie’s"
- "Wheeler Meets Karen"
- "Ronnie Farts"
- "Why?"
- "Danny and Beth Coffee Shop Alternate"
- "Ronnie and Augie at Campground"
- "Duane’s Ghost Story"
- "Boobie Class"
- "The Soccer Mom"
- "Party Dude"
- "Looking for Ronnie"
- "Dinner Scene"
- "Wheeler and Danny Fight in Lobby"
- "Chip Monk Locker Room"
- "Burger Hole"
- "Karen and Wheeler at LAIRE"
- "Taking Off Makeup"
- "Davith and Beth"
- "The Post-Battle Battle"
- "Jim and Sweeny"
- "Wheeler’s Advice"
- "Mitch Reacts to Wheeler Saying 'My Dick'"
- "Wheeler Hits on Gretchen"
- "Green Piss"
- "Duane and His Little"
- "Danny’s Drink Choices"
- "Reactions to 'Beth'"
- "LAIRE Music"

- Bloopers reel (3:50)
- “On the Set of Role Models” featurette (7:40)
- “Game On: Creating a Role Playing World” featurette (9:43)

3 "In Character and Off-Script" featurettes (8:07):
- "Sturdy Wings Salutes: Martin Gary" (2:40)
- "Kuzzik: Proud Xanthian" (2:58)
- "Davith of Glencracken" (2:28)

- "Ye Old Crest Maker" interactive feature

High Definition Exclusive Bonus features:
- Picture-in-picture video commentary (Profile 1.1 or greater)
- "My Scenes" bookmarks
IMDB Rating 6.9 Internet extras - BD-Live
- "My Scenes" sharing
- Downloadable featurettes and trailers
Reviewed - Age Rating 15
Released - EAN Code 5050582698763
IMDB Link tt0430922 Comments Added 26-Aug-2016


Review 1