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B - Europe (NOR)

Terminator 2
Judgement Day
Skynet Edition

Studio Lionsgate Alt Title - T2 - Skynet Edition
Distributed by Universal Director(s) James Cameron
Running Time 156.mins Producer(s) James Cameron, Gale Anne Hurd, Mario Kassar
Prod. Year 1991 Composer(s) Brad Fielder
Genre(s) Action Writer(s) James Cameron, William Wisher
Screen Format 1080p
Widescreen 2:35:1
Prod.Design Joseph Nemec III
Sound Format(s) DTS-HD 6.1 Sound Gloria S. Borders
Disks 1 DL Actors - Arnold Schwartzenegger
- Linda Hamilton
- Robert Patrick
- Edward Furlong
- Joe Morton
- Xander Berkeley

Case Type Keep Case Disc Extras:
- Audio commentary with director/writer/producer James Cameron and co-writer William Wisher Jr.
- Audio commentary with 26 members of the cast and crew

Ancillary Data:
- Teaser trailer (1:17)
- Theatrical trailer (1:40)
- "Special Edition" trailer (2:27)
- "T2 THX" trailer (0:47)

2 deleted scenes:
- "T-1000's Search" (w/ optional audio commentary by actor Robert Patrick and director James Cameron 1:27)
- "Future Coda" (w/ optional audio commentary by special effects guru Stan Winston, director James Cameron, and actress Linda Hamilton 1:50)

Blu-ray disc production credits

Blu-ray Exclusive Extras:

Interactive Modes:
- "Visual Implants" BonusView picture-in-picture commentary (profile 1.1 or greater)
- "Trivia Data Overlay" BonusView text commentary
- "Production Data Overlay" BonusView text commentary
- "Linked Data Modules" BonusView slideshow commentary
- "Source Code" BonusView screenplay mode
- "Schematics" BonusView storyboard mode
- "Query Mode" interactive trivia quiz
- "Processor Tests" BonusView in-movie interactive games

- D-Box
- THX Optimizer
IMDB Rating 8.5 Internet extras BD-Live "Skynet Data Center"

- Starinfos
- More Deleted Scenes
- Picture Gallery
- More Exclusive T2 Videoes
- Japanese Trailer
- Terminator 2 BD-Live Community
- Skynet Live Mode
Reviewed   Age Rating 15
Released - EAN Code 5050582612714
IMDB Link 0103064 Comments Added 28-Oct-2009



Review 1