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RF - Europe (NOR)

Resident Evil Afterlife
She's back...And she's bringing a few of her friends.

Studio Constantin Alt Title - Resident Evil 4
- Resident Evil - Afterlife
Distributed by Universal Director(s) Paul W.S. Anderson
Running Time 97.mins Producer(s) Paul W.S. Anderson, Jeremy Bolt, Don Carmody, Bernd Eichinger, Samuel Hadida, Robert Kulzer
Prod. Year 2010 Composer(s) tomandandy
Genre(s) Action Writer(s) Paul W.S. Anderson
Screen Format 2160p (Native)
Prod.Design Arvinder Grewal
Sound Format(s) Dolby Atmos Sound Stephen Barden
Disks 1 UHD
1 DL
Actors - Milla Jovovich
- Ali Larter
- Kim Coates
- Shawn Roberts
- Sergio Peris-Mencheta
- Spencer Locke
Case Type Keep Case Disc Extras: Disc 1: UHD 4K

- "Alice" (9:34)
- "Claire" (7:10)
- "Luther" (3:47)
- "The Undead" (5:17)

Cast and Crew Listing
- Milla Jovovich "Alice"
- Ali Larter "Claire Redfield"
- Kim Coates "Bennett"
- Shawn Roberts "Albert Wesker"
- Boris Kodjoe "Luther"
- Wentworth Miller "Chris Redfield"
- Paul W.S. Anderson (Director & Writer)

- Start-Up Trailer for Ultra HD promo (1:02)

Disc 2: Blu-Ray

The Movie(1080p)
- Audio commentary with writer/director Paul W.S. Anderson and producers Jeremy Bolt and Robert Kulzer
- "Undead Vision: Picture-in-Picture" Track

Deleted and Extended Scenes (with "Play All" option) (6:48)
- "Intruders - Extended" (0:38)
- "Alice and Claire in the Plane" (0:42)
- "Alice Rolls Quarters - Extended" (1:11)
- "Getting Dirty" (0:29)
- "Crystal Volunteers" (1:14)
- "Claire and Luther at the Prison Gate" (0:34)
- "On the L.A. River" (1:08)
- "To Arcadia - Extended" (1:38)

Outtakes (4:30)
Featurettes (with "Play All" option) (47:33)
"Back Under the Umbrella: Directing Afterlife" featurette (6:43)
"Band of Survivors: Casting Afterlife" featurette (6:39)
"Undead Dimension: Resident Evil in 3D" featurette (7:27)
"Fighting Back: The Action of Afterlife" featurette (5:31)
"Vision of the Apocalypse: The Design of Afterlife" featurette (7:28)
"New Blood: The Undead of Afterlife" featurette (7:31)
"Pwning the Undead: Gamers of the Afterlife" featurette (6:11)
Sneak Peak
- "Resident Evil: Damnation" (1:10)

Bonus Trailers
- Blu-ray promo (2:05)
- "Salt" (2:32)
- "Faster" (0:58)
- "Ticking Clock" (1:19)
- "Takers" (1:26)
- "The Virginity Hit" (2:29)
IMDB Rating 5.8 Internet extras - movieIQ
- BD-Live
Reviewed - Age Rating 15
Released 2017 EAN Code 7330031000766
IMDB Link tt1220634 Comments Added 6-Oct-2020

2 Discs


Review 1