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All - NTSC - USA

Ultimate UFO!

Studio UFO City Alt Title Ultimate UFO! - The Complete Evidence
Distributed by Central Park Media Director(s) N/A (Peter Robbins?)
Running Time 338.mins Producer(s) Michael Hesemann, Natalia Zahradnikova
Prod. Year 1999 Composer(s) N/A
Genre(s) Reference Writer(s) Peter Robbins
Screen Format Full Frame Prod.Design N/A
Sound Format(s) DD 2.0 Sound John Christopher, Christopher Sippel, Marc Freeman
Layer DVD-9 Actors N/A
Case Type Keep Case (Double Amaray) DVD Extras: Trailer - Featuring Peter Robbins
Full Feature Audio Commentary Track featuring UFO Experts Peter Robbins and Antonio Huneeus.
IMDB Rating N/A DVD-ROM 250 Pages of scanned government documents
50 Pages of controversial MJ-12 documents
Web Links
Reviewed 18/3-00 MPAA Rating N/A
Released Feb 2000 UPC 9524380142
IMDB Link N/A Comments Added 10-03-2000


Review 1 - 18/3-00

Ultimate UFO! The Complete Evidence -

Ultimate UFO! is really an interresting documentary to watch. As usual when you put a DVD in your player, then a menu comes up with things you can select and there is no differences here even when this
is a documentary. This dvd contains scene selections, audio menu, recommendations and a UFO experience trailer and that's nice. Both DVD's is also dual layers since the running time is 338.minutes long and the videoes is from 1950's to 1998. There is mostly music and forreign language, so i started over again with audio commentary by
UFO experts Peter Robbins and J. Antonio Huneeus. This commentary track is very informative and more fun to listen to than most commentary tracks on movies because Peter and Antonio comments every single video clip on the
dvd and talks with their expertise. The the dvd starts out with some cool 3D rendered animations and really great classical music to match. There are 250 recorded videoes of unidentified flying objects from 26 countries. Most clips are from 1990 to 1998 since it probably has something to do with that camcorders began to be cheap and most people could buy their own camera. Many of the clips are from Mexico since the camera's are very popular there and there is clips taken by NASA, amateurs, tv companies and others. There is even a clip from space when there is a lightdtorm and lighting seen
from above the earth and that was very fun to see. There is even the first clips ever released from China on this DVD and they are very cool. The video quality is vere different from clip to clip since there is taken by mostly private camera's, at night and bad weather conditions. Many of the videoes are of very good quality too. The sound is both good and bad,
but this is again a documentary and it's unfair to compare it with movies. There is even a trailer on this dvd and contains a presentation by Peter Robbins that shows some experts talking about the unknown flying objects and more.
This dvd also contains a DVD-Rom section with some extremly interresting documents. There is 250 scanned government documents that includes some signed by roosevelt and it also contains 50 controversial Majestic-12 documents that includes documents on ufo findings and extra terrestrials and much more top secret information.
This dvd is really good and the 338.minutes of with and commentary is not boring at all to watch. This dvd is a must for all who are interrested in the unidentified flying objects and it's probably on of the year 2000's best DVD releases.

Review by Robert Karlsen

Review 2 - 22/3-00

The complete evidence!

This UFODVD is absolutely amazing. I`ve always been fascinated by all strange things like Ufo`s and ghosts etc. I`ve always been a believer in these subjects. The ultimate Ufo Dvd has gathered over 250 filmed Ufo`s from
the fiftees to 1998 from all across the world and even outher space. This is astonishing to watch with commentaries by Peter Robbins and Antonio Huneeus who are experts in Ufo`s. You will see these flying objects do manouvers no earthly aircraft of any kind can perform. Since my friend Robert has written a great review for this disc, I don`t have to get deeper into the actual sightings captured on film on this Dvd. What I think is the greatest treasure on the Dvd, is the gouvernment documents and Majestic 12 documents you can read if you are fortunate enough to have a dvdrom-drive on your computer. Especially the Majestic 12 documents. They are all classified, and they confirm what I have always suspected and believed in. The Roswellcrash in 1947, as well as descriptions of the crashed Ufo`s and the Aliens found on the ground. They contain instructions of what coverup story to use in different experiences people may have with extra terrestrial beeings or aircrafts. They confirm the threatening of several witnesses and instructions of how to move crashed
Ufo`s and Aliens. Even the doctor who performed autopsy of the aliens is namegiven in these fascinating documents. This Ufodvd will change your perception of life in the universe, and if you`re already a believer, this is the proof you`ve been searching for. I`m greatfull for having seen this dvd and I highly recommend it to everybody. This concerns every living
beeing on our planet, and I leave you with these known words: The truth is out there!!

This dvd gets a strong 6 on the pointscale.

Review by Eivind Bøe