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1 - NTSC - USA

Bruce Lee - The Master Collection
5 Movies

Studio Golden Harvest Alt Title Bruce Lee - The Master Collection
Distributed by 20th Century Fox Director(s) Robert Clouse, Misc
Running Time 490.mins Producer(s) Raymond Chow
Prod. Year 1971 - 1984 Composer(s) John Barry, Misc
Genre(s) Action / Maretial Arts / Documentary Writer(s) Misc
Screen Format WideScreen 2:35:1 Prod.Design Misc
Sound Format(s) DD 1.0 Sound Misc
Layer DVD-5 Actors Bruce Lee, John Saxon, Jim Kelly, Yang Zse (Bolo Yeoung), Bob Wall, Chuck Norris, Samo Hung and more
Case Type Keep Case (Amaray) DVD Extras: None
IMDB Rating N/A DVD-ROM None
Reviewed 14/10-99 MPAA Rating R
Released 31/8-1999 UPC 8616212551
IMDB Link Bruce Lee Comments Added Oct-1999

The Chinese Connection (Fist of Fury)
Fist of Fury (Big Boss)
Return of the Dragon (Way of the Dragon)
Game of Death
The Legend 1984

Review 1 - 14/10-99


Finally all the Bruce Lee movies has made it to DVD. I`ve been a fan of Bruce Lee since i was a kid, and think that he is the actionking of all time. This 5 DVD box set from Fox was long wantable for my collection next to the Super 25 years anniversary special edition of Enter The Dragon from Warner. (Lee`s best movie )Lets take a look at each film:
1: Fist of Fury ( The Big Boss in Europe ): This is Bruce lee`s first film for Golden Harvest productions were he made all of his Martial Arts films except Enter The Dragon. Lee comes to Thailand to work in an icefactory. The workers are not beeing treated like kings, and people are disappearing without trace. Lee has made a promise to his mother before she died, to never fight again. He wears a necklace to remind him of that promise. Of course there is no Bruce lee movie without fighting, so i`m not revealing anything when i say that he breaks his promise. The fightingscenes are genious and well choreographed by Lee himself. The picture is better than any version i have seen before, but there is some dust and grain visible. Great to see it in widescreen for the first time. The audio is in mono, and is not particularly good, but still better than on VHS. Points - 5.

2: The Chinese Connection ( Fist of Fury in Europe ): This movie contains maybe the best fighting ever, and presents Lee with weapon for the first time in form of the deadly Nunchaco. Lee is returning to Shanghai because his teacher has been murdered by the Japanese. He swear revenge, and Lee knows how to look and act pissed.
The picture and audio is about the same quality as Fist of Fury. Points - 5.

3: Return of the Dragon ( The way of the Dragon in Europe ): This time Lee comes to Rome to help in a Chinese restaurant. The restaurantworkers are beeing threatened by the mob. This was the first film that Bruce Lee directed himself. As always the fighting is tremendous, especially the final match between Lee and Chuck Norris in the Colloseum. The picture and audio are the same as the two above. Points - 5.

4: Game of Death: This film was actually finished long after Lee`s death. They are using a stand in almost through the whole film. The last fighting sequences features the real Bruce Lee, and wow it is great. Game of Death has better picture and audio than the rest, but it is also newer. Lee is up against a syndicate who want to control his career, as he plays a famous martial arts filmstar. Because of better sound and picture, this movie receives a full score, - 6.

5: The Legend: This documantary is very interessting, as it follows Bruce`s early filmcareer as a child to his tragic death. Interviews with other Martial Arts experts, students, friends and his wife. Many not ever before seen clips of Lee, makes it almost a must have for his fans. How ever, the film could have lasted longer. Points - 5.

The box itself is very fine looking, and also contains a booklet. The point for the whole box must be a 6, as it is a must have if you like Bruce Lee.