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2 - PAL - Europe (NOR)

L.A. Confidential
Off the record, on the QT, and very hush-hush..

Studio Warner Bros Alt Title L.A. Confidential
Distributed by Warner Bros Director(s) Curtis Hanson
Running Time 132.mins Producer(s) Curtis Hanson, Arnon Milchan
Prod. Year 1997 Composer(s) Jerry Goldsmith
Genre(s) Drama Writer(s) Brian Helgeland
Screen Format WideScreen 2:35:1 Anamorphic Prod.Design Jeannine Claudia Oppewall
Sound Format(s) DD 5.1 Sound John Leveque
Layer DVD-9 Actors - Russel Crowe
- Guy Pearce
- Kevin Spacey
- Kim Basinger
- Danny DeVito
- James Cromwell
Case Type Snapper DVD Extras: - "Confidential" Roll Call
- The lowdown of the movie makers
- L.A. Mob Scene
- Cop's Shine in 50's TV Show
- Bloody Christmas
- Just can't beat those 1953 prices
- Awards
- The L.A. of L.A. Confidential - Interactive map tour
- 3 TV Spots
- Trailer
- Off the record (Behind the scenes)
- The Photo pitch
- Soundtrack Promo
- Music only track
IMDB Rating 8.4 DVD-ROM None
Reviewed 17/6-1999 MPAA Rating R
Released   UPC 321940149134
IMDB Link 0119488 Comments Added 16-June-1999

Review 1 - 17/06-99

Simply wonderful

It`s the early fifties, it`s LA and everyone wants to be some kind of a celebrity. This movie is one of the best films of the late nineties. It`s got almost everything you can ask for. The acting is great. I especially enjoyed Russell Crowe and Kim Basingers scenes. Kevin Spacey is wonderful as always. The story is far better than most these days. It`s always good to see a film where you don`t know what is going to happen after ten minutes. I don`t really know how life was in LA was in the fifties, but I can well imagine that it was something like this. This film is a modern classic.


Review 2 - 17/06-99

Finally a cop movie with brains!

L.A.Confidential is a movie with a lot of surprises. In these days itīs seldom to see such good movies. When you watch L.A.Confidential, you don`t get to know the characters right away. When you think you do, then...I was wrong about that guy. The casting is great, the music is very fittable and the movie is constantly developing. L.A.Confidential is one of the best movies of the nineties. Great actors in a great movie. A modern classic. Off the record, on the qt, and very hush hush!! On the 1-6 scale, no doubt a 6.