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2 - PAL - Europe (NOR)

Martial Arts DVD collection
50 Movies

Studio Misc Alt Title - Martial Arts DVD collection
Distributed by Mill Creek Director(s) Misc
Running Time 4317.mins Producer(s) Misc
Prod. Year 2005 Composer(s) Misc
Genre(s) Sci-Fi Writer(s) Misc
Screen Format Full Frame
Prod.Design Misc
Sound Format(s) DD 2.0 Sound Misc
Layer DVD-5

Actors - Bruce Lee
- Fred williamson
- Jackie Chan
- Lee Van cleef
- Sonny Chiba
- Chow Yun Fat
Case Type Custom Box DVD Extras: Movies:

Kung Fu Arts
Ten Fingers of Death
Shaolin Deadly Kicks
Ninja Empire
Black Cobra
The Real Bruce Lee
Black Cobra III
Hand of Death
Chase Step by Step
Shadow Ninja
Deadly Duo
Four Robbers
Ninja Champion
Infernal Street
Spirits of Bruce Lee
Weapons of Death
City Ninja
The Big Fight
The Four Shaolin Challengers
Ninja Death I
The Brave Lion
Ninja Death II
The Snake, The Tiger, The Crane
Ninja Death III
Black Fist
Tiger Love
Head Hunter
The Guy with the Secret Kung Fu
The Black Godfather
Tiger Love
Fist of Fear, Touch of Death 
The Impossible Kid
The Street Fighter
Ninja Heat
Weapons of Death
Black Cobra II
Fighting Mad
Shaolin Temples
Return of the Kung Fu Dragon 
Ninja: The Protector
Image of Bruce Lee
Heroes of Shaolin 1
Death Machines
Heroes of Shaolin 2
Sister Street Fight
Snake Fist Dynamo
Karate Kids USA
The Master: Max
Death of a Ninja
The Master: Out of Time Step 
IMDB Rating Misc DVD-ROM None
Reviewed   MPAA Rating Unrated
Released 2004 UPC 2683107014
IMDB Link Misc Comments Added 20-Oct-2005

Review 1