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2 - PAL - Europe (NOR)

Natural Born Killers
The media made them superstars

Studio Trimark Alt Title Natural Born Killers Director's Cut
Distributed by SME Director(s) Oliver Stone
Running Time 117.mins Producer(s) Jane Hamsher, Don Murphy, Clayton Townsend.
Prod. Year 1994 Composer(s) Misc
Genre(s) Action / Drama Writer(s) Richard Rutowski, Oliver Stone
Screen Format WideScreen 1:85:1 Anamorphic Prod.Design Victor Kempster
Sound Format(s) DD 5.1 Sound David MacMillan
Layer DVD-9 Actors - Woody Harrelson
- Juliette Lewis
- Robert Downey Jr.
- Tommy Lee Jones
- Tom Sizemore
- Dennis Leary
Case Type Keep Case (Amaray) DVD Extras: - Theatrical Trailer
- Commentary Disc
- Alternative Ending
- Deleted Scenes
- Interviews
- Behind the scenes
IMDB Rating 6.3 DVD-ROM None
Reviewed 25/1-2000 MPAA Rating 18
Released   UPC 090001705755
IMDB Link 0110632 Comments Added 23-Feb-2000

Review 1 - 25/1-2000


This is one of the most talked about movies in the ninetees. Everybody has an opinion of Natural Born Killers, even the ones who haven`t seen it. Either you love it, or you do the opposite. Personally I belong to the first category. I went to see it two times in the theatre. Natural Born Killers is a work of art, no matter if you like it or not. The unique type of filming, the mix between colors and black and white, animation, psychadelic backgrounds, 35 mm, 16 mm, 8 mm and every other type of filmaspect, combined with great acting and a dynamic soundtrack, and the result is pure art. I`m not going to write about what the movie is about, because I think everybody else have tried to do that. Some have got it right, and others haven`t. This Director`s Cut is uncut, unedited and contains scenes never before seen. It also have a commentary by Oliver Stone which will help a lot if you miss the point of the movie. A documentary is also included as well as an alternate ending. I`m so thankfull to Trimark for this astonishing DVD of this brilliant film. Seeing this movie once is not enough, and it should be in every moviecollection. I`m glad it is in mine. Top score is the only score. - 6.