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Front Back Title Region

1 - NTSC - USA


Studio Hallmark Alt Title Merlin
Distributed by Artisan Director(s) Steve Barron
Running Time 182.mins Producer(s) Dyson Lovell
Prod. Year 1998 Composer(s) Trevor Jones
Genre(s) Adventure, Drama Writer(s) Edward Khmara
Screen Format Full Screen Prod.Design -
Sound Format(s) DD 2.0 Sound -
Layer DVD-9 / RSDL Actors Sam Neill, Helena Bonham Carter, John Gielgud, Rutger Hauer, James Earl Jones, Miranda Richardson, Isabella Rossellini, Martin Short
Case Type Keep Case (Amaray) DVD Extras: Nice Animated Menus, Full Length Broadcast Version, The Making of Merlin, Production Notes, Cast & Crew Information, Deleted Scenes
IMDB Rating 7.6 DVD-ROM None
Reviewed 15/10-99 MPAA Rating PG
Released 15/09-98 UPC 0772965310
IMDB Link 0130414 Comments This is an well told story with very good acting.

Creature Effects by Jim Henson's Creature Shop

Review 1 - 15/10-99


Merlin is a fantastic adventurous movie with high pace, and quality acting. Merlin was made for television as a miniseries, but the high quality of the movie outstands most cinematic releases.
We`ve all heard the myth of Merlin, King Arthur and his knights of the round table, Excalibur, Lady of the lake, The holy grail and so on. But no story captures it all like Merlin. The story begins when the evil witch Mab(Miranda Richardson)creates Merlin(Sam Neil.) She is going to use him to get the people back to the old ways. The whole story circulates around Merlin, but the witch Mab and her trusted helper Frik(Martin Short), has a finger in on everything. Miranda Richardson also plays The Lady of The Lake, the sister of Mab. She and Martin Short delievers brilliant performances. Martin Short`s character Frik can change forms, and uses several personalities throughout the film. This is his best performance ever. The movie is full of magic, alves , wars between kings and even has a dragon. The three hours the film lasts doesn`t feel long at all, as it is constantly entertaining. The disc also contains an 18 minutes making of featurette. The picture is in full frame, but it is sharp and clear, and the sound is in DD.2.0 stereo. Merlin will enchant you and entertain you, so sit back and enjoy the most magical adventure of all time.

This is a strong 6 on the pointscale.