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Front Back Title Region

2 - PAL - Europe (UK)

Blade - Trinity
Extended Version
The final hunt begins.

Studio New Line Cinema Alt Title - Blade 3
Distributed by New Line Cinema Director(s) David S. Goyer
Running Time 113.mins
Producer(s) David S. Goyer, Lynn Harris, Wesley Snipes
Prod. Year 2004 Composer(s) Ramin Djawadi, RZA
Genre(s) Action Writer(s) David S. Goyer
Screen Format Widescreen 2:35:1
Prod.Design Chris Gorak
Sound Format(s) DD 6.1 EX
DTS 6.1 ES
Sound Aaron Glascock, Curt Schulkey
Layer DVD-9

Actors - Wesley Snipes
- Kris Kristofferson
- Dominic Purcell
- Jessica Biel
- Ryan Reynolds
- Parker Posey
- James Remar
- Natasha Lyonne
Case Type Keep Case (Amaray) DVD Extras: Disc 1:

- The Film - Theatrical Version
- The Film - Unrated Version
- Audio commentary by writer/director David S. Goyer and actors Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel (Unrated Only) 
- Audio commentary by writer/director David S. Goyer, cinematographer Gabriel Beristain, producers Peter Frankfurt and Lynn Harris, production designer Chris Gorak and editor Howard E. Smith. (Unrated Only) 

Disc 2:

Inside the World of Blade: Trinity - documentary (106.33) 
- Intro 
- The Urban Vampire - Story development 
- The Familiar Leader - David Goyer directs 
- Fresh Blood - Casting 
- Nightstalker Boot Camp - Cast training 
- From Tombs to Towers - Set design 
- Dressed to Kill - Costume design 
- UV Lighting - Cinematography 
- Beyond the Basics - Facts for the uber-fan 
- Silver, Swords & Sundogs - Designing the Blade weaponry 
- Creating Mayhem - Stunts & action 
- Sword Against Celluloid - Editing 
- The Perfect Ash - Visual effects 
- The Beat of Blade - The music 
- The sounds of Slaying - Sound design 
- The Color of Blood - Enhancing the colors 
- Who Shall Die - The future of Blade 
- Credits 
- Goyer on Goyer: The writer interviews the director (5.11) 
- Alternate ending (1.23)
- Blooper reel: Collection of outtakes from Blade: Trinity (10.58) 
- VFX Progression - with Beast Bone Tests, Beast Maw Development, and Pomeranian Maw Development 
- Weapons - with Beef Eater, Arc Weapon, Swivel Spike, Sundog Bullet, Silver Stake Shotgun Shell, Lever Action Rifle, Electronic Pistol, Stilleto Injector, Retracting Chain Saber, Bloop Gun, Multi Throw Knife, Plague Arrows, Time Delay Arrow, and Silver Boot Spikes
- Theatrical Teaser Trailer (1.26)
- Theatrical Trailer (2.24)
- Film's Soundtrack Promo including Prevew of Deluxe Edition Blade animated short (0.50)
- Easter Eggs
IMDB Rating 5.7 DVD-ROM None
Reviewed   MPAA Rating 15
Released - UPC 017239193118
IMDB Link tt0359013 Comments Added 11-Nov-2005


Review 1