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Front Back Title Region

2 - PAL - Europe (UK)

Long is the way, and hard, that out of hell leads up to light.

Studio New Line Cinema Alt Title - Se7en
Distributed by Entertainment in Video Director(s) David Fincher
Running Time 122.mins Producer(s) Phyllis Carlyle, Arnold Kopelson
Prod. Year 1995 Composer(s) Howard Shore
Genre(s) Thriller Writer(s) Andrew Kevin Walker
Screen Format Widescreen 2:40:1
Prod.Design Arthur Max
Sound Format(s) DD EX 6.1
DTS ES 6.1
Sound Patrick Dodd
Layer DVD-9

Actors - Brad Pitt
- Morgan Freeman
- Gwyneth Paltrow
- R. Lee Ermey
- Andrew Kevin Walker
- Richard Roundtree
- John C. McGinley
- Kevin Spacey
- Charles S. Dutton
Case Type Keep Case (Amaray) DVD Extras: Disc 1:

*The Film
- The Stars
Audio Commentary by Director David Fincher, Actor Brad Pitt and Actor Morgan Freeman
- The Story
Audio Commentary by Professor of Film Studies/Author Richard Dyer, Screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker, Editor Richard Francis-Bruce, New Line President of Production Michael De Luca and David Fincher
- The Picture
Audio Commentary by Director of Photography Darius Khondji, Production Designer Arthur Max, Editor Richard Francis-Bruce, Richard Dyer and David Fincher
- The Sound
Audio Commentary by Sound Designer Ren Klyce, Composer Howard Shore (with Isolated 5.1 Music and FX Cues), Richard Dyer and David Fincher

Disc 2:

"Exploration of the Opening Title Sequence" (3 Angle Options*; 6 Audio Options**) (2:51)
*Angle Options:
- "Early Storyboards"
- "Rough Version of the Opening Sequence"
- "Final Version of the Opening Sequence"
**Audio Options:
- English DD 2.0 Surround
- English DD 5.1 EX
- English DTS ES 6.1 (discrete)
- English 24bit/96khz Stereo
- Audio Commentary ("The Concept") by Designer Kyle Cooper
- Audio Commentary ("The Sound") by Audio Engineers Brant Biles and Robert Margouleff 
Deleted Scenes and Extended Takes (with Optional Commentary by David Fincher):
- "Original Opening Including Storyboards":
---- 'Original Opening' (7:36)
---- 'Animated Storyboards Of Original Opening' (1:30)
- "Car Ride In From Gluttony" (1:17)
- "Spare Some Change?" (0:22)
- "Raid On Victors" (3:55)
- "My Future" (2:18)
- "Pride" (1:13)
- "Tracy Wakes From Light Sleep" (0:56)

- Brad Pitt
- Morgan Freeman
- John C. McGinley
- Kevin Spacey
- Gwyneth Paltrow
- David Fincher (Director)
- Andrew Kevin Walker (Screenwriter)
- Darius Khondji (Cinematographer)
- Richard Frances-Bruce (Editor)
- Arthur Max (Production Designer)
- Arnold Kopelson (Producer)
- Ren Klyce (Sound Designer)
- Howard Shore (Composer)
- Peter Sorel (Still Photographer)
Production Designs (with Commentary by the Photographers) (8:54)

Alternate Endings (with Optional Commentary by David Fincher):
- "Original 'Test' Ending" (5:27)
- "Animated Storyboards of Un-Shot Ending" (7:30) 
Still Photographs:
- "John Doe's Photographs" (with Commentary by Photographer Melodie McDaniel) (14:25)
- "Victor's Decomposition" (with Commentary by David Fincher) (2:27)
- "Police Crime Scene Photographs" (with Commentary by Photographer Peter Sorel) (5:37)
- "Production Photographs" (with Commentary by Peter Sorel) (10:46)

Promotional Materials:
- Theatrical EPK (6:22)
- Theatrical Trailer (2:16)
The Notebooks (with Commentary by the Designers) (8:16)
Mastering for the Home Theater (22:53):
- "Audio Mastering" (with Commentary by Brant Biles and Robert Margouleff)
- "Video Mastering" (with Commentary by Colorist Stephen Nakamura and New Line Vice President of Video Post Production Even Edelist)
- "Color Correction" (with Commentary and demonstration by Stephen Nakamura)
- Telecine Gallery (Alternate Angle Comparisons***; Alternate Audio Comparisons****): 

***Angle Options:
- Original Video Master
- New Video Master

****Audio Options:
- Original 5.1 Mix
- New 5.1 Mix
---- 'Scene One' - "Outside Gluttony" (0:54)
---- 'Scene Two' - "Inside Gluttony" (2:21)
---- 'Scene Three' - "Coda" (1:00)
IMDB Rating 8.5 DVD-ROM None
Reviewed   MPAA Rating 18
Released - UPC 017239190728
IMDB Link tt0114369 Comments Added 30-May-2007


Review 1