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Front Back Title Region

RF - Europe (NOR)

The Avengers Endgame 3D
Avenge the fallen.

Studio Marvel Alt Title - The Avengers Endgame 3D
- The Avengers 4
Distributed by Disney Director(s) Anthony Russo, Joe Russo
Running Time 180.mins Producer(s) Kevin Feige
Prod. Year 2019 Composer(s) Alan Silvestri
Genre(s) Action Writer(s) Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely
Screen Format 1080p
Widescreen 2:39:1
Prod.Design Charles Wood
Sound Format(s) DTS-HD 7.1 MA Sound Daniel Laurie, Shannon Mills
Disks 3 DL Actors - Robert Downey Jr.
- Chris Evans
- Mark Ruffalo
- Chris Hemsworth
- Scarlett Johansson
- Jeremy Renner
- Don Cheadle
- Paul Rudd
- Benedict Cumberbatch
- Chadwick Boseman
- Brie Larson
- Tom Holland
- Evangeline Lilly
- Tessa Thompson
- Rene Russo
- Elizabeth Olsen
- Sebastian Stan
- Tom Hiddleston
- Benedict Wong
- Dave Bautista
- Tilda Swinton
- Jon Favreau
- Natalie Portman
- Marisa Tomei
- Taika Waititi
- Angela Bassett
- Michael Douglas
- Michelle Pfeiffer
- William Hurt
- Vin Diesel
- Bradley Cooper
- Gwyneth Paltrow
- Robert Redford
- Josh Brolin
- Chris Pratt
- Samuel L. Jackson
- Stan Lee
Case Type Keep Case Disc Extras: Disc 1:

- The Movie 3D

Disc 2:

- The Movie 2D

- Audio Commentary with Directors Anthony and Joe Russo and Writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely
- Intro by Directors Anthony and Joe Russo (2:33)

Disc 3:

- "Remembering Stan Lee" featurette (7:15)
- "Setting the Tone: Casting Robert Downey Jr." featurette (5:25)
- "A Man Out of Time: Creating Captain America" featurette (12:18)
- "Black Widow: Whatever it Takes" featurette (7:25)
- "The Women of the MCU" featurette (4:52)
- "Bro Thor" featurette (3:42)

Deleted Scenes (4:51)
- Goji Berries (0:37)
- Bombs on Board (0:30)
- Suckiest Arm in the Galaxy (0:24)
- You Used to Frickin' Live Here (1:10)
- Tony and Howard (0:27)
- Avengers Take a Knee (1:41)

- Gag Reel (1:58)
IMDB Rating 8.5 Internet extras None
Reviewed - Age Rating 12
Released 2019 EAN Code 8717418547875
IMDB Link tt4154796 Comments Added 12-Dec-2019


Review 1