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B - Europe (NOR)

Pirates of the Caribbean
Dead Man's Chest

Studio Disney Alt Title - Pirates of the Caribbean 2
Distributed by Disney Director(s) Gore Verbinski
Running Time 150.mins Producer(s) Jerry Bruckheimer
Prod. Year 2006 Composer(s) Hans Zimmer
Genre(s) Action Writer(s) Ted Elliott, Terry Rossio, Stuart Beattie, Jay Wolpert
Screen Format 1080p
Widescreen 2:35:1
Prod.Design Rick Heinrichs
Sound Format(s) DD 5.1
PCM 5.1
DTS 5.1
Sound Christopher Boyes, George Watters II
Disks 2 DL Actors - Johnny Depp
- Geoffrey Rush
- Orlando Bloom
- Keira Knightley
- Jack Davenport
- Jonathan Pryce
- Stellan Skarsgεrd
Case Type Keep Case, Embossed Paperback Disc Extras: Disc 1:

Start-up trailers for "Disney Blu-ray" (1:13) and "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" (2:28) (skippable)

High Definition Exclusive Bonus feature:
- "Lair's Dice" Interactive Game (BD-Java - in 1080i)
- "Movie Showcase" feature

Disc 2:

"Bloopers of the Carribean" featurette (3:50)
"Charting the Return" featurette (24:40)
"According to Plan" documentary (62:59)
"Captain Jack: From Head to Toe" featurettes (with 'Play all' option - 27:34)

"Mastering the Blade" featurettes:
– Orlando Bloom (5:37)
– Keira Knightley (5:07)
– Jack Daveport (5:17)

"Meet Davy Jones: Anatomy of a Legend" featurette (12:33)
"Creating the Kraken" featurette (9:58)
"Dead Man Tell New Tales: Re-imagineering the Attraction" featurette (13:01)
"Fly on the Set: The Bone Cage" featurette (3:48)
"Jerry Bruckheimer: A Producer's Photo Gallery" featurette (4:42)
"Pirates on Main Street: The Dead Man's Chest Premiere" featurette (3:59)

"Pirates on Location" featurettes:
– Cannibal Island (8:16)
– Tortuga Bar Brawl (3:36)

"Inside Dead Man's Chest" featurettes:
– Pirate Lore (2:33)
– Locations & Sets (4:17)
– Story & Characters (2:37)

Theatrical trailers:
– English (2:02)
– French (1:57)
– Portuguese (2:03)
– Italian (1:56)
– German (1:57)

Teaser trailers:
– English (1:41)
– Spanish (1:41)
– Italian (1:37)
– German (1:37)

- Easter Eggs
IMDB Rating 7.3 Internet extras None
Reviewed - Age Rating 11
Released - EAN Code 8717418122447
IMDB Link tt0383574 Comments Added 11-March-2010

2 Discs


Review 1

All five (each of these eggs previously appeared on SD DVD editions of the film, although the path to finding them here is entirely different) can be found on disc two. On the first page of the "Bonus Features" submenu, highlight "According to Plan". Press "Left" then "Up" on your remote. The skull's eyes (top of the screen) will light up. Hit "Enter" and you should see a full screen of the Jolly Roger logo. It is from this screen that you will access each of the following easter eggs:

1) Starting with "Back" highlighted, move "Up" "Left". The skull's eyes light up with flame. Click "Enter" to see a featurette about catering for the production crew (2 min).

2) Follow the instructions for Egg 1 above, but at the end of the sequence, do not press "Enter". Instead, hit "Down" "Down" "Left" An "X" will appear on the map. Press "Enter" to see a interview with the Coconut Man (2 min).

3) Follow the instructions for Egg 2 above, but at the end of the sequence, do not press "Enter". Instead, press "Right" four times. The compass on the map will light up. Press "Enter" here to see a short video about directing the dog, Chopper (2 min).

4) Follow the instructions for Egg 3 above, but at the end of the sequence, do not press "Enter". Instead, hit "Up" "Left" "Left". The flame on the right torch will die out. Press "Enter" to view a short featurette focusing on a prop painter (1 min).

5) Follow the instructions for Egg 4 above, but at the end of the sequence, do not press "Enter". Press "Down" "Left" "Up". The flame on the left torch will now go out. Press "Enter" to enjoy Chris and Mike, the "Twin Pirates" (1 min). 
(info by Dan C./High-Def Digest)