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Front Back Title Region

RF - Europe (GER)

Kreator - London Apocalypticon
Live at the Roundhouse

Studio Nuclear Blast Alt Title - Kreator - London Apocalypticon - Live at the Roundhouse
Distributed by Nuclear Blast Director(s) -
Running Time 265.mins Producer(s) -
Prod. Year 2020 Composer(s) Kreator
Genre(s) Music Writer(s) -
Screen Format 1080p
Widescreen 1:78:1
Prod.Design -
Sound Format(s) PCM 2.0 Sound -
Disks 1 DL
1 CD
Actors - Mille Petrozza
Case Type Embossed Digi Pack Disc Extras: Blu-Ray / CD. - London

01. The Four Horsemen/Choir Of The Damned
02. Enemy Of God
03. Hail To The Hordes
04. Awakening Of The Gods
05. People Of The Lie
06. Gods Of Violence
07. Satan Is Real
08. Mars Mantra
09. Phantom Antichrist
10. Fallen Brother
11. Flag Of Hate
12. Phobia
13. Hordes Of Chaos
14. The Patriarch
15. Violent Revolution
16. Pleasure To Kill
17. Apocalypticon

Violent Visions (Music Videos):

- Fallen Brother
- Hail to the Hordes
- Gods of Violence
- Satan is Real
- Totalitarian Terror

Live in Chile:

01. Mars Mantra
02. Phantom Antichrist
03. Hail To The Hordes
04. Army Of Storms
05. Enemy Of God
06. Satan Is Real
07. Civilization Collapse
08. Flag Of Hate
09. Phobia
10. Gods Of Violence
11. Fallen Brother
12. Hordes Of Chaos
13. The Patriarch
14. Violent Revolution
15. Pleasure To Kill
16. Apocalypticon

Live - Masters of Rock:

01. Choir Of The Damned
02. Hordes Of Chaos
03. Phobia
04. Satan Is Real
05. Gods Of Violence
06. People Of The Lie
07. Total Death
08. Mars Mantra
09. Phantom Antichrist
10. Fallen Brother
11. Army Of Storms
12. Enemy Of God
13. From Flood Into Fire
14. Apocalypticon
15. World War Now
16. Hail To The Hordes
17. Extreme Agression
18. Civilization Collapse
19. The Patriarch
20. Violent Revolution
21. Pleasure To Kill
22. Death Becomes My Light
IMDB Rating - Internet extras None
Reviewed - Age Rating FSK-16
Released 14/2-2020 EAN Code 727361481001
IMDB Link N/A Comments Added 28-Feb-2020

2 Discs


Review 1