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Front Back Title Region

B - Europe (UK)

Lord of the Rings
The Two Towers
New Power Is Rising.

Studio New Line Cinema Alt Title - Lord of the Rings 2
Distributed by New Line Cinema Director(s) Peter Jackson
Running Time 179.mins Producer(s) Peter Jackson, Barrie M. Osborne, Frances Walsh
Prod. Year 2002 Composer(s) Howard Shore
Genre(s) Fantasy Writer(s) Frances Walsh, Peter Jackson + 2
Screen Format 1080p
Widescreen 2:40:1
Prod.Design Grant Major
Sound Format(s) DTS-HD 6.1 ES MA Sound Mike Hopkins, Ethan Van der Ryn
Disks 1 DL
Actors - Elijah Wood
- Ian McKellen
- Liv Tyler
- Viggo Mortensen
- Sean Astin
- Cate Blanchett
- John Rhys-Davies
- Bernard Hill
- Christopher Lee
- Billy Boyd
- Dominic Monaghan
- Orlando Bloom
- Hugo Weaving
- Miranda Otto
- David Wenham
Case Type Keep Case, Box Disc Extras: Disc 1:

Teaser (HD 1:56)
Theatrical Trailer (HD 3:00)
- The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Super Trailer (HD 6:39)
- The Lord of the Rings: Aragon's Quest Video Game Trailer (HD 1:24)

Disc 2 - DVD:

- "On the Set The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Starz Encore Special" Documentary (14:04)
- "Return to Middle-earth: WB Special" documentary (42:59)
- "The Long and Short of It" short film directed by Sean Astin (7:08)
- "The Making of The Long and Short of It" featurette (8:11)

"" featurettes
Forces of Darkness (4:37)
Designing the Sounds of Middle-earth (4:03)
Edoras: The Rohan Capital (4:45)
Creatures of Middle-earth (4:39)
Gandalf the White (2:52)
Arms and Armor (4:45)
The Battle of Helm's Deep (4:08)
Bringing Gollum to Life (4:16)

Theatrical Trailers
Teaser (1:53)
Theatrical Trailer (2:55)

TV Spots
Play All (8:31)
New Power (0:32)
Another (0:32)
Event (0:32)
Dream (0:33)
Darkness (0:32)
Return (0:32)
Strike (0:32)
Countdown (0:32)
One World Review (0:32)
The Wait is Over (0:32)
Review B / Golden Globes (0:32)
Gollum (0:32)
Supreme Review (0:32)
Review A / Globe (0:32)
Good Top 10 (0:32)
Top 10 Review (0:32)

- Emiliana Torrini "Gollum's Song" Music Video (4:02)
- Special Exted DVD Preview (5:32)
- Behind the Scenes Preview of "The Return of the King" (12:36)
- "The Return of the King" Video Game Preview by EA (3:02)
IMDB Rating 8.7 Internet extras None
Reviewed   Age Rating 12
Released 2010 EAN Code 5017239151705
IMDB Link tt0167261 Comments Added 21-Feb-2011


Review 1