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News December 2009

News:- Update -   31 Dec-2009

Happy New Year!

News:- Update -   30 Dec-2009

New Blu-Ray:

Fast & Furious 4 (PAL)

News:- Update -   29 Dec-2009

New Blu-Ray:

The Quick and the Dead (PAL)

News:- Update -   26 Dec-2009

New PS3:

Assassin's Creed 2 (PAL)

News:- Update -   23 Dec-2009

New Blu-Ray:

The Legend of Zorro (PAL)

News:- Update -   16 Dec-2009

New Blu-Ray:

G.I. Joe (PAL)
Reansformers 2 - Revenge of the Fallen (PAL)

News:- Update -   14 Dec-2009

New Blu-Ray:

Stargate - Director's Cut (PAL)

News:- Update -   12 Dec-2009

New Blu-Ray:

The Inglorious Basterds - Limited Edition (PAL)

News:- Update -   11 Dec-2009

New Blu-Ray:

Harry Potter - Half-Blood Prince SE 2-Disc (PAL)

News:- Update -   9 Dec-2009

New Xbox 360:

Fallout 3 - Game of the Year Edition (PAL)

News:- Update -   8 Dec-2009

New Xbox 360:

Scene-It - Bright Lights, Big Screen (PAL)

News:- Update -   5 Dec-2009

New Blu-Ray:

Watchmen - Director's Cut 2-Disc (PAL)

News:- Update -   4 Dec-2009

New Blu-Ray:

Death Race - Extended Edition 2-Disc (PAL)
Edward Schissorhands (PAL)
Indiana Jones 4 - 2-Disc (PAL)
Punusher Warzone (PAL)
Sin City 2-Disc (PAL)

News:- Update -   3 Dec-2009

New Blu-Ray:

Gladiator - Special Edition 2-Disc (PAL)

New PS3:

Eyepet (PAL)

News:- Update -   1 Dec-2009

New Blu-Ray:

Band of Brothers 6-Disc - Limited Edition (PAL)

New PS3:

Infamous (PAL)

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