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News November 1999


Date News
24/11-99 Reviews Movie added today:

  • Last Action Hero R2
22/11-99 Reviews Number of released Limited Editions from Anchor Bay on this page:

(30.000 Copies released) Army of Darkness - Limited Edition 2-DVD
(21.000 Copies released) Halloween - Limited Edition 2-DVD
(15.000 Copies released) Night of the Living Dead 30th Anniversary - Limited Edition 2-DVD/CD
22/11-99 Reviews Movies added today:

  • Halloween - Limited Edition 2-DVD
  • Thelma and Louise R2
21/11-99 News HINT: I think "The Haunting" DVD / Movie will set a new standard of sound..:) The movie itself is probably to childish, but you can really test your woofer with it. I will buy this movie for 3 reasons. 1.) The sound, 2.) Phil Tippet - Effects (The best) 3.) The Atmosphere
21/11-99 Reviews Movies added today:

  • Combat Shock - The Director's Cut
  • A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell
  • Monster in the Closet
20/11-99 Reviews As you may have noticed, i and some of my friends are ONLY buying the best versions of DVD movies on Region 1 and Region 2 including the the 2-DVD versions, and i own most of the movies on this page. The Mask of Zorro, Deep Rising, Last Action Hero, The Fifth Element, Dracula etc.. includes more extra features on the DVD than than the Region 1 version. Look at the review pages on region 2 movies to see for yourself..:)
20/11-99 Reviews At least theese movies will be added next week:

  • Halloween Limited Edition 2-DVD
  • Last Action Hero
  • Thelma and Louise
20/11-99 Links The Links page is heavily updated and sorted.
19/11-99 Reviews Movies added today:

  • The Chosen One - Legend of the Raven
  • Troma's War - Director's Cut
  • Redneck Zombies - Director's Cut
18/11-99 Reviews Movies added today:

Deep Rising R2
Austin Powers 2 - The Spy who shagged me
Bloodsucking Freaks - The Director's Cut
17/11-99 Reviews Movies added today:

  • The Mask of Zorro R2
  • Night of the Living Dead 30th Anniversary Limited Edition 2-Disc
  • Class of Nuke'em High - The Unrated Director's Cut
  • Tromeo and Juliet - The Unrated Director's Cut
  • Columbia Tristar / Universal DVD Sampler
16/11-99 Reviews Long time, No Updates..., but much is on the way every day this week!
03/11-99 Reviews Batman Returns from Warner Bros is added.
02/11-99 Reviews Halloween 2-DVD Limited Edition, Night of the living dead 30th Anniversary MultiDisc and more will be added soon.
02/11-99 Reviews Saving Private Ryan - Special Limited Edition is added.
01/11-99 Reviews Poltergeist from MGM is added.


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