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News November 2002

News:- Update - 28 November-2002

New DVD's:

Return of the Living Dead SE (R1) 
UHF SE (R1) 

News:- Update - 25 November-2002

New Game Cube:

Spy Hunter (PAL) 

News:- Update - 21 November-2002

New DVD's:

Supercop (R2) 

New Game Cube:

Eternal Darkness (PAL) 

News:- Update - 14 November-2002

New DVD's:

Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the Ring - Collector's Gift set w/statues 4-DVD (R2)

News:- Update - 12 November-2002

New DVD's:

Star Wars 2 - Attack of the Clones 2-DVD (R1)

News:- Update - 9 November-2002

New DVD's:

Fletch (R2)
Lethal Games (R2)
Phantom of the Opera (R2)
Speed - Special Edition 2-DVD (R2)

News:- Update - 7 November-2002

New Game Cube game:

Resident Evil 2-CD - PAL

News:- Update - 5 November-2002

New DVD's:

Spider-Man Special Edition 2-DVD WS (R1)

News:- Update - 4 November-2002

New DVD's:

Friday 13th Part 2 (R2)
Friday 13th Part III (R2)
Friday 13th Part IV - Final Chapter (R2)
Friday 13th Part V - A New Beginning (R2)

News:- Update - 3 November-2002

New DVD's:

Die Hard - Special Edition 2-DVD  (R2)
Die Hard 2 - Special Edition 2-DVD  (R2)
Legally Blonde (R2)
The Jewell of the Nile (R2)

News:- Update - 2 November-2002

New DVD's:

Austin Powers - International Man of Mystery (R2)
Rush Hour 2 (R2)

News:- Update - 1 November-2002

New DVD's:

Commando (R2)
Hellraiser 6 - Hellseeker (R1)
The Ten Commandments 2-DVD (R2)

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