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News November 2000

News:- Update - 25-November-2000

New DVD Movies added:

Perfect Storm, The R2

PC Friendly Art added:

Final Destination
Perfect Storm, The

News:- Update - 20-November-2000

New DVD Movies added:

Blade R2
Cyborg R2
Gladiator - Limited Edition R2 (Double Disc)
Mission to Mars R2

Metallica S&M 2-DVD R2,3,4,5,6

PC Friendly Art added:

American Beauty
Jurassic Park
The bridge on the River Kwai
Metallica S&M

I have noone to write reviews for me anymore, since Eivind do not have time to write anymore. I still hope to get/write some fresh reviews soon.
Eivind will still submit a few PC Friendly Art for the collection.

Link section updated and 5 affiliates is added:

Movie Vibes
Ridge's Mobil Source
Ridge  World Source Network

AMIGA CD32 Source
N64 Source

News:- DVD Shopping - 15-November-2000

DVD Shop:

Here is a Region 1 DVD Shop in Canada that ships to most countries in the world!

News:- Online Collection - 14-November-2000

My DVD Profiler online collection:

You can check out my online DVD collection here.

News:- Update - 10-November-2000

New DVD Cover Art from upcoming movies added:

Batman Beyond - The Return of The Joker
Dinosaur 2-Disc
Hollow Man
The Cell

Multi DVD Page is updated!

News:- Update - 09-November-2000

New DVD Movie added:

The Hunted R1

This is a really cool brutal, bloody modern ninja love story :)

News:- Update - 05-November-2000

Small update:

Virus R1 information updated and fixed the broken cover link!
Hellraiser 5 R1 information updated
House on Haunted Hill R1 info updated!

News:- Update - 04-November-2000

New DVD Movie added:

Hellraiser 5: Inferno R1

House on Haunted Hill R1 info is updated with more info and specs.

Braveheart (2 Disc) version will be released in Norway 8.November
NOTE: Region 1 is only 1 disc.

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