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News October 1999


Date News
26/10-99 DVD File has posted the list of the extras on Detroit Rock City DVD from New Line Cinema. This will be another Kick Ass release from the DVD kings..:)
23/10-99 Reviews The Thing CE and Virus from Universal is added.
22/10-99 Reviews The Blair witch Project SE is added and it really sucks bigtime and it's not scary at all. Just another documentary, but this i MY opinion so watch it yourself and see if you like it.
15/10-99 Reviews Payback and Monty Python - And now for something completely different is added
15/10-99 Reviews Army of Darkness: Limited Edition and Demons is added.
13/10-99 DVD Menus Ghostbusters Menus is added, and The Mummy is heavily updated.
13/10-99 DVD Menus I will update the Mummy menus and add Ghostbusters menus tomorrow.
13/10-99 DVD Menus The wonderfull magical animated menus from Merlin is added to DVD Menu page..:)
12/10-99 Reviews Dark City and Merlin is added to review page.
11/10-99 Reviews Army of Darkness LE, Demons, Dark City, Merlin, Payback and many more will be added in the next week!
10/10-99 Reviews Several DVD Movies will be added in the next days.
06/10-99 Reviews Fixed some things here and there on the review page with some additions.
03/10-99 DVD Menus Night of the living dead DVD Menus added.
01/10-99 Elm Street Now is the Nightmare on Elm Street pages finished!


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