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News October 2000

News:- Update - 31-October-2000

New DVD Movie added:

Unforgiven R2

Happy Halloween. (At least USA and Norway are celebrating that i know of)

Here is a link to the most pumpkin band ever!

News:- Update - 28-October-2000

New DVD Menu's added!

The Specialist
Mission Impossible 2

Click here to see them

News:- Update - 26-October-2000

8 New DVD Movies added:

I got Mission Impossible 2 Region 1, 12 Days before it's released in the USA.:-)

Gulliver's Travels R1
Metro R2
Ministry: Tapes of wrath R2-R6
Mission Impossible 2 SE R1
Ransom R2
Show Girls R2
The Shadow R2
The Specialist R2

PC Friendly Art added:

Mission Impossible 2

News:- Update - 25-October-2000

These DVD's will be added within 2 days!

Mission Impossible 2 R1

Gulliver's Travels R1
Metro R2
Ministry: Tapes of wrath R2-R6
Ransom R2
Show Girls R2
The Shadow R2
The Specialist R2

Happy birthday to myself. :-)

News:- Update - 22-October-2000

New Music DVD added:

Hammerfall - The First Crusade RF

News:- Update - 21-October-2000

New DVD Movie added:

Hellraiser 4 - Bloodline R1

News:- Update - 19-October-2000

New DVD Movies added:

Nothing to lose R2
Rumble in the Bronx R2
Touch of silk RF
Debbie does Dallas RF

News:- Update - 18-October-2000

New DVD Movie added:

Modern Vampires - Director's Cut R1

Release list updated
Links sections updated


The great movie "Flåklypa Grand Prix" will be released on DVD Friday 6 March 2001 with both 1:23:1 and 1:85:1 Anamorphic video and 6 channel Dolby Digital sound. Maybe DTS sound too.

News:- Update - 16-October-2000

New Movie page on the net in English!

Movie Vibes

News:- Update - 14-October-2000

New DVD Movie added:

Brødrene Dal - Spektral Steinene R2

News:- Update - 10-October-2000

New DVD Movie added:

Gullivers Travels (1939) Image Entertainment R1

News:- Huge Update - 8-October-2000

3 New reviews added that is written by Ove Ekerbakke:

13th Warrior (Info updated too)
Analyze This! (Info updated too)
Apocalypse Now (Info updated too)
El Mariachi and Desperado Reviews fixed!

New Covers Added:

Fantasia 2000
Rollerball SE
Scary Movie

Easter Eggs Added/Updated:

Boogie Nights SE
Independence Day
Terminator 2 Ultimate Edition

DVD Menus Added:

The Fly 1 & 2
Hellraiser SE/LE
Men in Black LE

News:- News - 7-October-2000

New DVD's added!

Rollerball R2
Shanghai Noon R1

News:- Voting at DVD 250 - 3-October-2000

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