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News September 1999


Date News
30/09-99 Reviews Armageddon - Criterion Collection 2-DVD is added.
30/09-99 Rumours and Hidden features pages are updated.
29/09-99 ReviewsA Nightmare on Elm Street Collection is partially added, but will be 100% Finished by the weekend.
29/09-99 Reviews I have added Bruce Lee - The Master Collection.
29/09-99 Reviews I recieved A Nightmare on Elm Street Box Collection 8-DVD today, and will be added at this weekend. I have still not recieved the 10 Troma Movies yet.
29/09-99 Just some small fixes and additions here and there on pages..:)
26/09-99 DVD Menu Army of Darkness SE menus added.
26/09-99 Reviews Titanic R1 is added to the review page.
26/09-99 Added Top 5 DVD List
25/09-99 Reviews Titanic R1 will be added tomorrow, and Armageddon Criterion Collection another day.
25/09-99 DVD Menus I will add more DVD menus soon.
25/09-99 DVD Review DVD review has credited me for submitting The Mummy Soundtrack Easter Egg.
25/09-99 Reviews I would thank Eivind Bøe from Norway for writing Reviews of most of the Movies of the DVD page..:)
25/09-99 The Mummy - Easter Egg: when you go to the Language menu, just wait for the animation to stop and listen to the whole Movie soundtrack..:)
24/09-99 Reviews The Mummy CE is added to Review page and i have written a review for it.
22/09-99 I have recieved The Mummy SE today!!! A little late, since it is only 6.days before US release and i usual get movies up to 2.weeks before..hehe.:)
19/09-99 Reviews I have written a review of The Matrix DVD, so check it out.
17/09-99 The Matrix From Warner Bros has arrived, and is on the review page.
16/09-99 Reviews I will recieve Nightmare on Elm Street Box, The Matrix and The Mummy in the next days and will be added as soon as they arrive. :)
15/09-99 Kiss - MTV Unplugged DVD is added to Review page and i have written a review of it.
13/09-99 Reviews Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels is added to review page.
10/09-99 Huge update on the Review page.
09/09-99 I have added a new Search Engine on this pages that REALLY works!!! You can now search the whole site.
5/09-99 More stuff is on the way!
1/09-99 Reviews There are now 50 DVD Movies on the Review page!!
1/09-99 Reviews Added Ronin R2 on the review page. I have also began to make the Bruce Lee Master Collection page. Elm Street page is also on the way.


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