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News August 1999


Date News
30/08-99 Reviews I have added Interview with the Vampire to the Review page.
28/08-99 DVD Menus Added DVD menus and images from A Bug's Life and Starship Troopers.
28/08-99 DVD Menus Added DVD menus and images from The Lord Of Illusions and The Nightmare Before Christmas.
27/08-99 All Menu buttons are changed.
27/08-99 Reviews I have added The Nightmare Before Christmas to the review page.
26/08-99 DVD Menus Added a new page with DVD menus.
26/08-99 DVD Rom Added more games on the DVD Rom page.
25/08-99 -A special page for the Nightmare on Elm Street Box will be added soon.
25/08-99 I will add a DVD menuscreen page soon.
25/08-99 Reviews The Ratings are completed! Check out the Review page.
24/08-99 Reviews Nightmare before christmas and Interview with a Vampire will be added soon.
23/08-99 Reviews The Ratings almost completed! Check out the Review page.
23/08-99 Reviews A lot of movies will be added, since i and some friends have ordered a bunch of movies several places in Norway, USA and Canada.
23/08-99 Reviews The Ratings will be completed in 2-3 days.
23/08-99 Reviews A Bug's Life, Star Trek: Insurrection, Species 2 and Ghostbusters 2 is added.
22/08-99 Reviews More information added on the Review List. Movie Companies and Rating.
22/08-99 Reviews Grosse Point Blank will be added very soon.
22/08-99 Reviews The Professional, Die Hard, Bride of Chucky, Pleasantville, American History X, Wing Commander added to review page.
21/08-99 Reviews The Professional, Die Hard, Bride of Chucky, Pleasantville, American History X, Wing Commander will be added very soon.
17/08-99 Reviews There's something about Mary - Special Edition added to review page.
17/08-99 Reviews Rush Hour added review page.
16/08-99 Reviews Evil Dead added to review page.
16/08-99 Reviews Something about Mary will be added tomorrow.
15/08-99 Reviews For a few dollars more added to review page.
15/08-99 Reviews Elizabeth and Blazing Saddles is added to review page.
14/08-99 Reviews Elizabeth, Blazing Saddles and For a few dollars more will be added tomorrow. More updates on Monday too...
05/08-99 The Shining is added to the review page with high quality cover scans etc...
04/08-99 The Matrix DVD Features A Behind-The-Scenes Documentary Feature-Length Audio Commentary Hidden Special Effects Documentaries Multiple Angles Music Only Track With Composer Commentary Story Boards Web Access DVD-ROM Features.
02/08-99 I have preordered A nightmare on Elm Street Box, The Matrix and The Mummy since i will get them 1-2 weeks before USA release from Aker's Mic in Norway.
02/08-99 Reviews Some small changes on the Review list page.


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