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News July 1999


Date News
29/07-99 DVD Source Messageboard Check out the new DVD Mesageboard.
29/07-99 The Matrix Will be released 5.October.
21/07-99 Cover Images All Cover Images are online now and working! :)
21/07-99 Eraser Region 2 added to the review page.
20/07-99 Warner Bros Eraser will be added to the review page tomorrow.
13/07-99 The Big Lebowski Region 2 added to the review page.
13/07-99 Thanks to DVD File for the news! Star Wars will be released on DVD this christmas. Lucasfilm have not confirmed which ones yet.
11/07-99 Huge update on theese pages!!! Players, Links, DVD-Rom, Releases and Rumours.
10/07-99   Ghostbusters Collector's Edition and Death Race 2000 added to the review page.
06/07-99 Huge update on theese movies Beetlejuice, Blade, Cool Runnings, The Crow, Hellraiser, Enter the Dragon, Lord of Illusions, Starship Troopers and Toxic Avenger
06/07-99 Walt Disney: Roger Rabbit will be released on DVD 28 September. Same day as The Mummy '32 and The Mummy '99.
02/07-99 Sandrew Metronome / Buena Vista Cool Runnings added to review page.

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