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News July 2004

News:- Update - 20 July-2004

New DVD's:

From Hell SE 2-DVD (R2)
Valen TV 2-DVD (R2)

News:- Update - 19 July-2004

New DVD's:

1492 - Conquest of Paradise (R2)
Candyman (R2)
Junior (R2)
The Last Boy Scout (R2)
Wedlock (R2)

News:- Update - 13 July-2004

New DVD's:

Fleksnes 2 (R2)
Fleksnes 3 (R2)
Fleksnes 4 (R2)
Fleksnes 5 (R2)
Gamma Ray - Heading for the East (R2)
Ghost Ship (R2)
Once Upon a Time in America 2-DVD (R2)
Poison - Greatest Video Hits (RF)
The Magnificent Seven (R2)
UDO - Nailed to Metal (R2)

News:- Update - 9 July-2004

New DVD's:

Freddy vs Jason 2-DVD (R2)

News:- Update - 8 July-2004

New DVD's:

Bad Boys 2 S.E. 2-DVD (R2)
Friday 13th 10 - Jason X (R2)
Hellraiser 3 (R2)
Red Dwarf - Season 2 2-DVD (R2)
Vertical Limit (R2)
Wild at Heart (R2)

News:- Update - 4 July-2004

New DVD's:

Stompa & Co (R2)
Stompa Forelsker Seg (R2)
Stompa Selvfølgelig (R2)
Stompa til Sjøs (R2)

News:- Update - 3 July-2004

New DVD's:

Band of Brothers, 6-DVD (R2)
Den Siste Fleksnes (R2)
Futurama - Season 1, 3-DVD (R2)
Futurama - Season 2, 4-DVD (R2)
Simpsons - Season 2, 4-DVD (R2)
The Omen Trilogy, (25th Anniversary Edition) 3-DVD (R2)
Twin Peaks - Season 1, 4-DVD (R2)

News:- Update - 1 July-2004

New GameCube:

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 - PAL

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