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News July 2002

News:- Update - 31 July-2002

New subpage:

Viking" A page listing only Viking movies.

News:- Update - 26 July-2002

New DVD:

Great Balls of Fire R1

New Poster Art:

Men in Black 2

News:- Update - 25 July-2002

New DVD:

Under siege R2

New Poster Art:

007 - Die Another Day

News:- Update - 24 July-2002

New DVD's:

Cross of Iron R2
Osterman Weekend R2

New subpage:

The 80's" A page listing only movies from the 80's. Choose DVD Categorized on the menu to acccess the subpage.

News:- Update - 23 July-2002

New DVD's:

Scooter - Encore (The complete story) 2-DVD RF 
Swordfish - R2

News:- Update - 22 July-2002

New DVD's:

Def Leppard - Historia RF
Highlander - Director's Cut R2

New Poster Art:

Eight Legged Freaks

News:- Update - 16 July-2002

New DVD's:

Iron Maiden - Rock in Rio 2-DVD R2

New Poster Art:

Minority Report

News:- Update - 10 July-2002

New DVD's:

48 Hrs. R2
48 Hours Again R2

New Poster:

Reign of Fire

New Easter Eggs:

Almost Famous - Director's Cut R1
Kiss - Exposed R0
Pearl Harbor - Director's Cut 4-DVD R1

News:- Update - 9 July-2002

New DVD's:

Iron Maiden - Raising Hell RF
Kiss - Las Vegas R2
Megadeth - Behind the Music R2

News:- Update - 6 July-2002

Updated DVD's:

Pearl Harbor - Director's Cut  (4-DVD) R1 (Complete info on the release)

News:- Update - 5 July-2002

New DVD's:

Pearl Harbor - Director's Cut  (4-DVD) R1

News:- Update - 2 July-2002

New DVD's:

Almost Famous - Untitled - The Bootleg Cut (3-Disk) R1

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