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News July 2000

News:- News - 31-July-2000

New DVD Movies added to the page:

Alien R2
South Park - Bigger, Longer & Uncut R2

News:- News - 30-July-2000

New DVD Movie added to the page:

Pleasantville R2

Cover from Hellraiser SE is added to Cover Art section.

News:- News - 27-July-2000

The lack of news last 2 weeks is because of vacation.

New DVD Movies added to the page:

Brødrene Dal - Professor Drøvels Hemmelighet  R2 (Norwegian TV series)
Tango & Cash R2

News:- News - 15-July-2000

New DVD Movie added to the page:

El Mariachi / Desperado R2

MyDVD page is now 100% sorted alphabetically.

Do you need a very good program to catalogue your DVD movies with tons of features including online updating ?
The price is also good on this program, but you are able to try it for free!

News:- DVD added- 14-July-2000

DVD Added to Database FTOP:

Monty Python - And now for something completely different
Pink Floyd - The Wall

The old pages is now 100% added to this page and it for sure took some months, but it's finally done and it's now 207 movies here now with much more info.

If you wanna write a review for a movie, then mail the review here.
Laserdisc section is added.

The Cover for the upcoming Evil Dead II is added.
The cool Poster for Scary Movie is added to the Cover Art page.

New DVD Movies Added:

It's a wonderful life R2
True Romance - Director's Cut R1

New Laserdisc Movie Added:

Hellraiser 3 - Hell on Earth - PAL

News:- DVD added- 13-July-2000

DVD Added to Database FTOP:

Dumb and Dumber R2
Hackers R2

News:- News - 12-July-2000

New DVD Movies added to the page:
3 Region 2 Water Movies..:)

Blues Brothers 2000 CE - R1
Das Boot DC - R2
Deep Blue Sea - R2
River Wild, The - R2

News:- News - 10-July-2000

Cover Art page is updated and is not a heavy load anymore.
5 New covers is also added!

News:- News - 9-July-2000

New DVD Movies added to the page:

American Pie (Uncut) R2
St. Elmo's Fire R2

Top lists page is updated with 20 highly recommended movies on this page!
Additional info is also added on American Pie R1.

News:- News - 4-July-2000

New DVD Movie added to the page:

Austin Powers 2: Spionen som spermet meg R2
Gate, The R2

News:- News - 3-July-2000

New DVD Movie added to the page:

Jaws - Anniversary Collector's Edition

These links are fixed:

Thelma & Louise
Bjørk - Volumen

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