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News June 1999


Date News
30/06-99 New Line Cinema: Austin Powers Region 1 added to review page.
29/06-99 Future ReleasesNew Line Cinema will release alot of their greatest movies in Europe, starting in July... Boogie Nights, Blade, Spawn, Lost in Space, The Corruptor etc...
26/06-99 Columbia/Tristar, Touchstone Pictures: Starship Troopers Region 1 added to review page.
26/06-99 Future ReleasesPress the Coming button on the menu to view the DVD release page.
25/06-99 20th Century Fox will not release any more 16:9 enhanced DVD's and i don't know why.
23/06-99 www.themummy.comFast Info - The Mummy from Universal will release an collector's edition on DVD 28 September with alot of features. More onfo on extras tomorrow.
19/06-99 New ReleasesThe Thin Red Line will soon be released on DVD...More info about it soon.
18/06-99 Press here to jump to the official The Mummy site.I have just seen "The Mummy" from Universal and it contains the best special effects since Armageddon. The movie is great and are coming from the same Director/Writer Stephen Somerset and this is a man to watch...I almost just can't wait to see what he is directing and writing next. Deep Rising did also have outstanding special effects and sound. Kevin J.O'Connor is as always in his movies...I recomend you to see The Mummy!!!
17/06-99 Reviews: Added Das Boot, The Exorcist, The Mask of Zorro and As good as it gets on the review pages.
17/06-99 Non DVD...CNN News:Read about the new super computer that possibly will be released for everyone in 2001.... 60.000 times faster than Pentium 350!
16/06-99 BREAKING NEWS!!!DIVX is DEAD! I almost feel sorry for they who bought DIVX players that was a limited version of DVD and allowed them to look at movies in 48.hours before they decided to buy it....The only strong competitor for DVD is Laserdisc and i believe CD-I 2.0 will go into the same destiny someday. Press the leftmost link to read all about it.
16/06-99 Reviews: Added Boogie Nights, Goodfellas, L.A. Confidential and Vampires on the review pages.
16/06-99 20th Century Fox: Titanic will have a worldwide release in the last week of August and at the beginning of September on DVD. Only a trailer will be included on the disc besides the movie.
16/06-99 Warner Bros: More South Park episodes will be released later this year from Warner Bros.
15/06-99 Columbia Tristar.Will release the funny Bill Murray movie, Groundhog day 29.June on DVD R1
15/06-99 Warner Bros: Stanley Kubrick Box will be released 29.June and will include: A Clockwork Orange, Full Metal Jacket, Dr. Strangelove, 2001, The Shining, Barry Lyndon and Lolita.
14/06-99 MGM / United Artists: James Bond - The World Is Not Enough will arrive in US cinemas in August and should reach Europe by the end of this millenium. Trailer is available on the official James Bond website.
14/06-99 Warner Bros: Stanley Kubrick Box will be released soon and will include: A Clockwork Orange, Full Metal Jacket + 4
13/06-99 Columbia / TriStar: Ghostbusters - Special Edition will be released 29.June. Ghostbusters 2 will also be released the same date.
13/06-99 New Line Cinema: A nightmare on Elm Street 8-Disc Box will be released in September '99.
12/06-99 20th Century Fox: 5 Disc Bruce Lee box will be released on August 31, and will include Big Boss, Way of the dragon, Fists of Fury, Game of Death and The Legend.
12/06-99 20th Century Fox: Arnold Schwartzenegger box which will include Predator, The running man, Commando and Total Recall will be released 31. August
12/06-99   Back to the Future trilogy will be released sometime next year.
12/06-99 Ivo Caprino: Flåklypa Grand Prix will be released on DVD soon and will contain Norwegian, Swedish etc.. speaked languages.
12/06-99 New Line Cinema: Detroit Rock City (Kiss Movie) will arrive on US cinemas 13.August.
12/06-99 20th Century Fox: Alien Legacy Box has been released and should be available in most good stores.


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