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News June 2001

News:- Update - 29-June-2001

New DVD added:

Dave R2

New poster added:

American Pie 2

News:- Update - 29-June-2001

New covers added:

Star Wars 1: The Phantom Menace
Terminator SE R1 (Better late than never)

New poster added:

The Fast and the Furious

News:- Update - 28-June-2001

New DVD Movies added:

Meet the parents R2

DVD Categorized page updated:

Crazy Comedy

News:- Update - 27-June-2001

New DVD Movies added:

Armour of God R2

DVD Categorized page updated:

Jackie Chan

Martial Arts

News:- Update - 25-June-2001

New DVD Movies added:

Mortal Kombat R2
Mortal Kombat - Annihilation R2

DVD Categorized page updated:

Bridgette Wilson
Stephen Sommers

Martial Arts
New Line Cinema

News:- Update - 23-June-2001

New DVD Movies added:

Rush Hour R2
Vertical Limit R2

DVD Categorized page updated:

Bill Paxton
Gene Simons
Jackie Chan
Mel Gibson

News:- Update - 21-June-2001

New DVD Movies added:

O brother where art thou? R2

News:- Update - 18-June-2001

New DVD Movies added:

The Patriot - Special Edition R2

News:- Update - 17-June-2001

New DVD Movies added:

Road Trip R2

DVD Categorized page updated:

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Cameron Diaz
Clive Barker
Julianne Moore
Natalie Portman
Peter Stormare
Quentin Tarantino
Robert Rodriguez
Stephen King
Steve Buscemi

Extremly Violent

News:- Update - 16-June-2001

New DVD Movies added:

The 6th Day - Special Edition R2

(This is the full SE on PAL R2 that never was released in USA)

New fresh Movie Posters added:

Ghost Rider
Jason X
Scary Movie 2
Scooby Doo

News:- Update - 15-June-2001

New DVD Movies added:

Romeo must die R2

PC Friendly Art added:

Romeo must die

News:- Update - 7-June-2001

New DVD Movies added:

Point Break R2

DVD menus added:

The Avengers (Including pictures from the movie)

News:- Update - 3-June-2001

New DVD Movies added:

Shaft (2000) R2

Charlie's Angels R2 (Updated)

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