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News June 2000

News:- News - 29-June-2000

I have been sick the last week, but now i'm in good shape again and will update again. I will also within 10-15 days begin with daily news on DVD releated stuff. The rest of the DVD movies from my old DVd page will also be on this page within 2 weeks.

Here is lots of hidden features for Independence Day DVD. (Thanks to DVD Review for the news)

Check out the hidden features page!

News:- DVD added- 21-June-2000

DVD Added to Database FTOP:

Thelma & Louise
Bjørk - Volumen

News:- DVD added- 19-June-2000

DVD Added to Database FTOP:

Natural Born Killers - Director's Cut

News:- News - 18-June-2000

PC DVD-ROM Games added to Database:

F/A-18E Super Hornet Attack
Tex Murphy - Overseer

DVD Cover Art page is updated with 3 Jurassic Park Covers

News:- News - 17-June-2000

New DVD Movies added to the page:

Fight Club 2-DVD
Independence Day SE 2-DVD (Released in Norway 16/6-2000)

Hidden features for Fight Club is added.

Independance Day PC Friendly Art added.

News:- News - 13-June-2000

Cover Art from the upcoming Army of Darkness LE 1 Disc version is added to the Cover Art page.

News:- DVD added- 12-June-2000

DVD Source is 1 year old today!

DVD Added to Database FTOP:

Beatles, The - Yellow Submarine
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
Saving Private Ryan - Special Limited Edition
Scope, The
Tatiana 3

Several DVD's is added at the DVD Misc page in the Database!

News:- DVD added- 11-June-2000

DVD Added to Database FTOP:

Boogie Nights - Platinum Edition
Rush Hour - Platinum Edition
There's something about Mary SE

News:- DVD added- 9-June-2000

New DVD Added:

Interview with the Vampire - Special Edition
James Bond Story
Twister - Special Edition

DVD Added to Database FTOP:

Combat Shock - The Director's Cut
Die Hard

The Search results page is updated with a nice look and 1 wrong link is fixed.

ID-4 The Menu's from Independence Day is added to the DVD Menu's section.

News:- DVD added- 8-June-2000

New DVD Added:

Green Mile, The

DVD Added to Database FTOP:

Shining, The

News:- DVD added- 7-June-2000

New DVD Added:

Barbarella - Queen of the galaxy

DVD Added to Database FTOP:

Leon - The Professional
The Exorcist - 25th Anniversary Edition

News:- DVD added- 6-June-2000

New DVD Added:

Sixth Sense, The - Region 2

DVD Added to Database FTOP:

Das Boot - The Director's Cut

Hidden features for the 10th Kingdom is added.

News:- PCF Art added- 5-June-2000

PC Friendly Art page is updated.

More movies will be added later today.

News:- DVD added- 4-June-2000

DVD Added to Database FTOP:

As Good as it Gets
L.A. Confidential
Lethal Weapon 4
Species II

News:- DVD added- 3-June-2000

70 Years of Popeye - Collector's Edition is added!

DVD Added to Database FTOP:

Over 30 DVD Movies is added the last 3 days from the old page, and here is even more.

Austin Powers - International Man of Mystery
Bruce Lee - The Master Collection (Including a big review)
Dark City
Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell, A
Plunkett & Macleane
The Haunting
Wing Commander

More Movies added!

As good as it gets
L.A. Confidential
Lethal Weapon 4
Species II

News:- DVD added- 2-June-2000

DVD Added to Database FTOP:

Blazing Saddles
Bride of Chucky
Cool Runnings
For a few dollars more
Notting Hill
Spy Hard
The Lie
U.S. Marshals

Kiss - MTV Unplugged

News:- Easter Eggs- 2-June-2000

Easter Eggs:

Hidden features for "Man on the Moon" is added and they are very cool..:)

News:- DVD added- 1-June-2000

DVD Added to Database FTOP:

An American Werewolf in Paris
Austin Powers 2 - The Spy Who Shagged Me
Caligula - Complete Unrated, Unedited Edition
Deep Blue Sea - SE
Life of Brian - Criterion Collection
Lost Boys, The
Mars Attacks!
Monster in the Closet
Olsen Banden's Siste Stikk
Pulp Fiction
Trick or Treat

Easter Eggs page is updated with hidden features for several 007 movies.

PC Friendly Art page is updated!

Links on the Top List pages is added.

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